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Review: We Check Out the New Northern Lights Newcastle Trail

Northern Lights Newcastle Trail
December 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

Light trails are getting bigger and better every year, and making its debut this winter, Northern Lights Newcastle is ensuring the city sparkles bright with its after-dark experience

We head to Leazes Park to check out the trail.

Until 1st January (excluding Christmas Day) Northern Lights Newcastle invites visitors to follow the mile-long path around Leazes Park brought to life with a spectrum of illuminations, sculptures and special effects. 

Starting from the entrance at Barrack Road, we stop off at the Christmas Village for a hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows, of course) before making our way to the start of the trail. Following the path guided by twinkly stars we’re taken to a pathway lined with trees lit up in multicolours. You’ll want your cameras ready here as the lights dance to the music, and look out for Luminary Lane a few metres further on where lights project images onto the path – this part is great for kids. 

Wander through the Christmas twist tunnel before spotting fluff pods hanging from the trees. Make sure to stop at the aurora rising light show on the lake where strobe lights and lines of flashing buoys dance on the water.

Further along you can purchase marshmallows to toast on the open fires, or move along to the fairytale-like lantern trees (think Beauty and the Beast). Move onto the laser garden, but be aware as this part of the trail has smoke machines and is on uneven ground, so wear sensible footwear. 

By far our favourite part of the trail is the North Star in the Victorian band stand, followed by the End of the Rainbow lights weaved around two twin trees. With their own mini light show, stop here to watch the lights dance up and down the trees to festive music. 

There are plenty of places to pick up a hot drink along the trail, but we recommend heading to the Christmas Village where you can sit under the canopy and enjoy mulled wine or hot chocolate and food from local street food vendors. From Acropolis and Fat Hippo to Parm-o-rama and Redhead’s Mac n Cheese, there are plenty of options.

Tickets for Northern Lights Newcastle are £19 for adults, £13.50 for children or £61.48 for families (one adult and three children, or two adults and two children). Children aged two and under enter for free. Tickets can be booked at 

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