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Six Bold New Book Releases to Check Out
Staying in
June 2024
Reading time 4 Minutes

Find a new favourite this month

From mysteriously appearing husbands to a hidden utopia that is not what it seems, this is everything you need to read this month.

Whale Fall
Elizabeth O’Connor
It’s 1938 and on a remote island off the coast of Wales, a dead whale washes ashore. For Manod, a young woman desperate for a different life, this seems like an ominous omen. When two anthropologists arrive on her island, Manod finally sees a way to escape, but as the trio’s relationship becomes increasingly fraught, will freedom be worth the price she must pay?

The Husbands
Holly Gramazio
Returning home to her loving husband Michael after a long day, Lauren is at a loss. For one thing, she doesn’t have a husband, and has no clue who this man is. But from her family and friends to the pictures on the wall, this man seems to have been in her life for years. Until he suddenly disappears in the attic and another husband arrives, and just like that Lauren’s life is altered again…

Caledonian Road
Andrew O’Hagan
Irreverent and vain, celebrity intellectual and famed art historian Campbell Flynn has always known that whenever his downfall came, it would be public. But even he could not foresee how an entanglement with his brilliant and beguiling student Milo would be his undoing. Expect a whirlwind of crime, secrets and scandals from the author of the bestseller, Mayflies.

Night Watching
Tracy Sierra
It’s every mother’s worst nightmare. Tucking her young son in for the night during a wild blizzard, a mother’s blood runs cold when she hears slow but heavy steps coming up the stairs – she’s not alone. But with only seconds to make her decision, what will she do? Hide, flee or fight?

Phillip B. Williams
A mysterious woman named Saint is saving slaves from across Arkansas and bringing them to a town of her own making outside St Louis. Here, they at last have a chance to flourish in the safety of Saint’s haven. But as external forces press in and Saint’s creation begins to crack, some begin to wonder if safety is just another form of bondage.

Dizz Tate
Falls Landing, Florida is a place of faded theme parks, scorched earth and treacherous swamps, carefully watched over at all times by a group of 13-year-old girls who obsessively track the goings-on of the town. But when their favourite fixation (Sammy, the local preacher’s daughter) goes missing, the girls begin to edge ever closer to the dark and cruel underbelly of their home.

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