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Sunrise at Lighthouse -
Places to go
November 2020
Reading time 3 minutes
Although winter means it gets darker earlier, the bright side is that the sun rises later – here are the best places to watch the sun come up.
Gail Johnson/Dreamstime

Dunstanburgh Castle, Embleton

Dunstanburgh Castle stands majestically on a remote headland in Northumberland, with historic connections to King Edward II and his most powerful baron, Earl Thomas of Lancaster. Its ruins rear above the headland and offer endless inspiration for photographers and artists. The 14th century fortification is the perfect place to see the sunrise, turning the iconic castle into a stunning silhouette – just don’t forget your camera.

Paul Jackson/Dreamstime

St Mary’s Lighthouse, Whitley Bay

The small, rocky tidal island where the lighthouse perches is linked to the mainland by a short concrete causeway, which is submerged at high tide. Photographers flock here for the best seaside sunrise shots, capturing the recognisable silhouette through red skies.

Artur Chrome/Dreamstime

Roseberry Topping, Newton-under-Roseberry

This striking and uniquely-shaped hill was created half by geological events and half by a mining collapse. It’s a short walk to the top (it only takes about half an hour), and you get fantastic views across the Tees Valley as your reward. From this height, you can see the sunrise in all its glory, from an uninterrupted 360-degree viewpoint.

Helen Hotson/Dreamstime

Saltwick Bay, Whitby

Witness the beauty of the sunrise from this bay just a mile east of Whitby. Back in the 17th century, alum quarries were built in Saltwick yielding fossils and precious gemstones, which were readily hunted by collectors and holidayers alike. If you fancy discovering treasures whilst marvelling in the winter Yorkshire sun, this is the place to be.

David Head/Dreamstime

Malham Cove, Malham

This 70-metre high cliff of white limestone is a landmark site in the Pennines. Looking out over the village of Malham, the views from the rock’s peak showcase the beauty of the Dales’ rolling hills. A footpath from the road leads you to the base and spellbinding views, particularly magnificent at sunrise.


Embsay Reservoir, near Skipton

Embsay Reservoir is a short distance north of the village of Embsay, near Skipton. Crookrise Crag, Deer Gallows and Embsay Crag are just three of the gritstone crags that can be easily reached from reservoir, so you can relax and enjoy a peaceful sunrise from lower or higher ground.

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