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Six Romantic Reads For Valentine's Day
Staying in
February 2024
Reading time 2 Minutes

The perfect modern romances to get you in the mood for love

Our reads this month include a tale of old Hollywood glamour, a deep-sea romance and a whirlwind relationship turned sour.

Small Pleasures

Clare Chambers

It’s 1957 and local journalist Jean has grown tired of her monotonous life. That is, until she is contacted by Gretchen Tilbury, a sensible, local, married woman claiming that her daughter is the result of a virgin birth. As Jean seeks to discover the truth, her life is turned upside down with scandals, unexpected friendships and the chance at love. 

Cleopatra and Frankenstein

Coco Mellors

This debut novel follows the unexpected whirlwind romance between an unlikely pair. Cleo, a vivacious student living by her wits and flat broke, has a chance encounter with the stable yet troubled Frank, 20 years her senior, and neither of them will be the same again. A humorous look at how impulsive decisions can change our lives, for better or worse. 

Talking at Night

Claire Daverley

A poignant debut novel examining first love and how connections can last a lifetime. Will and Rosie meet as teenagers and form a close and lasting bond during late-night phone calls and secret walks home. But when tragedy strikes, their future together is suddenly uncertain. Can their history bring them back together? A classic tale of love and loss, told as if for the first time. 

So Late in the Day

Claire Keegan

This unique take on missed connections may only be 64 pages long, but certainly packs a punch. We follow Cathal through a distracted day at the office in Dublin and his journey home again. As the story progresses, Cathal’s thoughts are fixated on a woman from his past whom he almost spent his life with, and as the night draws in, the true significance of his day becomes clear. 

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

Taylor Jenkins Reid

Meet Evelyn Hugo, a star from Old Hollywood who is finally ready to tell-all now that the glitz and glam of the era has faded. What unfolds is a tale of cruelty, ambition, heartbreak and survival as Hugo recounts her past relationships to unknown reporter Monique Grant. But Monique could never have expected the secret Hugo has held onto for decades, which she is now ready to reveal to the world.  

Our Wives Under the Sea

Julia Armfield

Leah has finally returned home from her deep-sea mission after being missing for months, but something isn’t right and Miri can’t figure out what it is. Whatever happened to Leah has come home with her and as Miri helplessly watches her wife change before her eyes, she reflects on their relationship, tracing it from its earliest days. This novel is disturbing yet touching in its exploration of the limits of devotion. 

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