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Restaurant meal
Eat and Drink
January 2019
Reading time 10 minutes

We’ve picked out our favourite restaurants for restaurant week

The incredibly popular NE1 Restaurant Week returns for 2019 with more than 100 restaurants taking part, offering amazing deals for £10 or £15. We’ve sorted out your itinerary, with one of our favourite restaurants to visit every day of this week.

Monday – Chef’s Academy Restaurant –three course lunch and a glass of wine £10, three course dinner and a glass of wine £15

Get out of your Monday funk with a trip to Chef’s Academy Restaurant in Newcastle College to sample the cooking of the next generation of chefs. Dishes on offer combine fresh, seasonal produce with innovative presentation to create a treat for the tastebuds. Enjoy a selection of culinary options like venison bolognese and white chocolate panna cotta that are sure to perk you up on a Monday evening.

Tuesday – St Vincent – three plates £10

This gorgeous Quayside wine-bar is the perfect place to unwind after a hard day, and enjoy a couple of delicious small plates. Their food is about simple things done well, and their menu continues on that theme. Classic dishes are given a little twist that make them feel special. Our pick is the macaroni cheese with autumn truffles; with grilled cod, fennel and pickled cucumbers; and slow-roasted pork belly, lentil salad and sauce gribiche.

Wednesday – Umai Mi – two courses £10, three courses £15

Wednesday is the blandest day in the week – last weekend is a distant memory, and Friday evening still seems an age away. Why not add a bit of flavour to your hump day by visiting Umai Mi. This delicious pan-Asian restaurant offers up a selection of great-tasting dishes, including our dessert pick – deep fried apple gyoza with green tea ice cream.

Thursday – Lola Jeans – three courses £15

Lola Jeans do the best burgers in Newcastle. That’s a fact that can hardly be disputed, given that one of their offerings has been crowned the winner of Newcastle’s Battle of the Burgers every year since its inception. This Thursday, dig into their collection of meaty offerings – including the 2015 Battle of the Burger winner, the California – or perhaps try their vegan burger, which replaces beef with a beetroot patty.

Friday – The Botanist – two courses £10, three courses £15

Celebrate the weekend in style with a trip to The Botanist. Not only do they do a fantastic range of innovative cocktails – our pick is the surprisingly spicy Thai Chilli Crush – but their food is delicious too. Try out their hanging kebab, pork, chicken or halloumi is on offer, and enjoy the wonderful ambiance that The Botanist is famous for.

Saturday – The French Quarter – Two-course lunch £10, two-course dinner £15

The French Quarter has a special lunch offer, so make sure you visit at the weekend, when you’re free to make the most of it. The French Quarter, situated under the old railway arches, offers a delicious range of French cuisine, as well as a fantastically well-stocked wine cellar, full of offerings from the homeland.

Sunday – Blackfriars – three-course lunch £15, two-course dinner £15

Blackfriars also do a special lunchtime deal, and their three-course midday special is the perfect choice for a Sunday lunch. Blackfriars recently won the Taste of England award at the North East Tourism Awards, so you’ll be in for a treat when you visit. Try out the watercress and toasted spelt risotto, and our choice for desert is the marmalade and whisky bread and butter pudding.

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