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Three Fun Fondue Recipes with a Modern Twist Perfect for Sharing

3 images of Cheese Fondue
March 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Fun fondue for that melting moment with friends and family

Fun retro food with a modern twist (perfect for sharing) is what you'll find in the new Fondue & Raclette recipe book from Louise Pickford. Here she shares just three of her favourites.
fondue with nuts on top and breadsticks

Hot Ginger & Crab Fondue

This is such a simple yet delicious appetiser. If you can't find green ginger wine, use sherry instead and increase the quantity of fresh ginger to one tablespoon.

You could also serve this as a dip at parties - just make sure the burner and pot are safely fixed on the serving platter.

Try the recipe here

plate of ploughman's lunch, ham, cheese, tomatoes and chutney

Louise Pickford's Ultimate Ploughman's Fondue

Growing up in rural England when a pub meal was a simple affair and, in those days, a bit uninspiring, my go-to choice would likely be a ploughman's lunch.

For those who might never have come across this British pub classic, this comprised of a hunk of fresh bread, cheese, ham and pickles, accompanied by an obligatory pint of fine draught beer. This recipe is a homage to those good old days of pub grub eaten around a roaring log fire after a brisk walk in the country. Use a mature Cheddar, or even an aged Cheddar (look for a cheese of around six months in age), but make sure it isn't too hard and crumbly.

Try the recipe here

silver pan full of melted cheese and toast

Spicy Sichuan Fondue with Chinese Pickles

This intensely flavoured melted cheese dish is inspired by two recipes from The Art of Escapism Cooking by cookbook author and blogger Mandy Lee, @Ladyandpups.

Highly skilled in her ability to fuse Eastern and Western flavours in one dish, Mandy creates dishes packed full of umami. Here a tempered-down version of her chilli sauce is paired with her equally yummy Chongqing melted cheese. The aroma given off as the chillies meet the melted cheese is beyond good and, served with a simple bowl of Chinese-style pickles and warm bread, it is definitely in my favourite top 10 dishes ever.

Try the recipe here

Fondue & Raclette by Louise Pickford, published by Ryland Peters & Small (£20) Photography by Ian Wallace © Ryland Peters & Small

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