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5 Great Hiking Trails in the North East
Places to go
November 2016
Reading time 5 minutes

Grab your hiking boots along with your sense of adventure and put them to the test on some of the most beautiful walks to explore in the North East

Here are five of our favourite walks across the North East.

1. Alnmouth to Warkworth

This beautiful walk along the Northumberland coastline is a great stroll for those who are experienced or beginners. The journey takes you through vibrant flowery dunes, onto the beach and past Warkworth castle. At a distance of seven miles, it should only take you two to three hours.

2. Cheviot Hills

Very popular among walkers the Cheviot Hills have a huge amount of walks for you to do, ranging in difficulty. In amongst the picturesque countryside, the views are ideal for the keen photographers to get that perfect panoramic picture.

3. Great Aycliffe Way

The Great Aycliffe Way walk is in Newton Aycliffe. The original route is a five and a half mile circular footpath that takes in the surrounding countryside North of the town. More recently, a second route had been added, taking you through the southern part of Newton Aycliffe. Two in one!

4. Hadrian’s Wall

A hiking list about the North East wouldn’t be complete without a hike at Hadrian’s Wall. Built by the Roman Emporor, Hadrian in AD 122, this hike gives you an amazing glimpse into the past. The 73 mile wall stretches from Wallsend to Bowness-on-Solway.

5. Hareshaw Linn

Starting in Northumberland National Park, in Bellingham, this walk will really have you at one with nature. The walk primarily takes place through a wooded valley and then taking you past a majestic waterfall. There are some quite tough inclines so take care, especially as it can get a bit muddy on the path during the winter months.

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