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All the Decorations You'll Need to Turn Your Home into an Enchanted Forest

woodland themed christmas table B&M
December 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Turn your home into a magical woodland wonderland

There’s something magical about the woods in winter, when leaves sparkle in the frost and crunch underfoot. Bring some of that woodland wonder into your home this Christmas with natural textures like bark and pine, shades of green and forest-inspired accessories (yes, we do mean decorative mushrooms and even acorn-shaped baubles).

Small mixed velvet mushroom set,


Leaf spoons, RE, Corbridge

£4.75 each

Bristle squirrel hanging decoration, National Trust, branches regionwide


Rustic wood star decoration,


Norfolk Fir PE/PVC hinged tree, Fenwick, Newcastle


Mistletoe handpainted bauble, Toast, Richmond


The Emeralds wine glasses, Co Interiors, South Shields

£47 (set of four)

Vera Wang Jardin soup bowl, Wedgwood, stockists regionwide 


Real bark stars, 

£5.95 (pack of 30)

Natural Christmas gnome, Matalan, branches regionwide 


Hanging acorn decoration, Ruby Tuesday, Alnwick 

John Lewis & Partners

Frosted wreath with berries, Dobbies, branches regionwide


Leaf-shaped napkins, Primark, branches regionwide 


Abari baubles, Nkuku, stockists regionwide

£20 (set of four)

Double festive wooden tree, B&M, branches regionwide 


Tall rotary candle holder,


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