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Ambleside or Antigua: Here’s What to Wear
August 2021
Reading time 5 Minutes
Whether your heading to Ambleside or Antigua, here's what you should be wearing

Drawn by the dramatic scenery punctuated by picturesque waters, the Lake District is one of the most popular places for a staycation. Perfect for those who prefer a more active holiday, it’s the place to go hiking, biking, and of course swimming. Just be prepared for a constantly-changing weather forecast.

Ditsy Flip flops, £28.99 O’Neill stockists regionwide

Rainforest jacket, £160 Napapijri at Jules B, Jesmond

Portofino knit cardigan, £295

Cotton stripe shirt, £19.99 H&M, branches regionwide

Rash guard vest, £84 and bottoms, £34

Chino shorts, £45

Fuelfoam trainers, £55 Reebok, stockists regionwide


This Caribbean island’s palm-fringed beaches are ringed with coral reefs. One of the most beautiful of the islands, with crystal-clear waters and bleached white sand set against a mountainous backdrop, this tropical paradise has 365 beaches – one for every day of the year.

Cat’s Eye sunglasses, £190 Balenciaga, stockists regionwide

Oversized linen shirt, £24.99 H&M, branches regionwide

Off-the-shoulder midi dress, £110

Gold crucifix drop earrings, £75 David Summerfield, Metrocentre and Chester-le-Street

Black ruffle swimsuit, £225

Striped maxi, £320 Devotion at

Beach bag, £29.99 Zara, Metrocentre

Knottie leather sandals, £145

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