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Best Buys: This is What you Need in your Home This Month
October 2021
Reading time 7 Minutes

Living North's best buys

The smart interiors buys on our wishlist this month.

1. Fun Fairtrade jute fish placemat, £12

2. This woven chair looks as good inside as it does in the garden. Capri chair, £199 Marks & Spencer, branches regionwide

3. Upgrade your WFH space with this cool lacquered desk which can double as a side table. Cupertino desk, £899 BoConcept, York and at Redbrick, Batley

4. Plastic Oceans ceramic starfish dish, £19 Spruce York

5. Hand painted cake plate, £65

6. Stunning handmade porcelain touchstones, from £85 Judith Davies at Lime Street Studios, Ouseburn

7. Stoneware oil bottle, £12.99 H&M, branches regionwide

8. Home Grown circular hob cover, £14.50 Sophie Allport 

9. We love the weathered finish and simple shape of this lamp. Herstal lamp, £100 Neptune branches regionwide

10. Deep and crisp and contemporary but very comfy too. Shake armchair, £1295

11. Retro TV storage stand, £58

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