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The Best Ways to keep your Pets Safe and Cool this Summer

July 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Warmer days are finally here and this is what you need to know to make the most of them with your pets

Pets can find it hard to cope with the summer heat, here's our top tips and must-buys to keep them cool.
Dog eating dog ice cream ‘Scoops'

Ice Ice Baby

One for the pooches

We all love a tasty scoop when the sun is shining, and our four-legged friends don’t have to miss out on a delicious treat either. Scoop’s ice cream for dogs is made with reduced lactose, added joint aid and natural joint supplements, so there’s even more reason to let your pooch enjoy one this summer. Plus there are two flavours (vanilla or mint) to try.

Scoop’s Ice Cream, £2.50 Direct Pets, Gateshead and Berwick 

Summer Safety

Top tips to keep dogs safe this summer

Dogs can suffer fatal heatstroke in minutes so be sure to look out for excessive panting or dribbling, tiredness and an increased heart rate. To prevent heatstroke, move your dog to a cool place and offer plenty of water, wet their coat with cold water (make sure it’s not freezing) and call a vet if you’re not sure.

Make sure to walk at cooler times of the day (early morning or late evening) to prevent paw burns. If it’s too hot to go for their usual walk, try to keep their mind stimulated with a brain game or by teaching them a new trick.

Swimming is great for exercise and keeping cool, but be wary of tides and currents, and wash off salty sea water after their swim to prevent irritation. Make sure to check freshwater lakes for algae or contamination as this can be harmful for dogs.

Pale-coloured dogs are more susceptible to sunburn, particularly on their ears, nose and eye areas. The best prevention is to keep them indoors during the hottest part of the day, or try a dog-friendly sunscreen.

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Walk of the Month

Craster to Dunstanburgh

This leisurely circular walk offers fantastic views of the sea and Dunstanburgh Castle. Starting from Craster’s tourist information centre car park, follow the footpath signed Dustan Square. Pass through a gate and continue along the path before turning left at the kissing gate, heading up the field towards the farm. Once at the farm go through another gate, turn right and continue along the road before reaching Dunstan Steads. Head down towards the sea and Dunstanburgh Golf Course (watch out for flying golf balls) and follow the way-markers to rejoin the coastal path. Now heading south, the route skirts past Dunstanburgh Castle where you’ll continue towards Craster Harbour. End your walk with a refreshing pint (and a bowl of water for the dogs) at The Jolly Fisherman before heading back to the car.

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Keep Them Cool
Cooling mat

Cooling mat, £14.99 Robinsons Pet Store, Newcastle

Cooling coat

Cooling coat, £13.99 Ancol at The Dog Hoose, Tynemouth

Dog pool

Dog pool, £59.99 All For Paws at

Doggy sunscreen wipes

Doggy sunscreen wipes, £4 Petkin at Pets at Home, branches regionwide

Ice cream dog to

Ice cream dog toy, £7.99 Millbry Hill, Richmond

Chill Out hydration toy

Chill Out hydration toy, £8.99 Wags & Whiskers, Stockton

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