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June 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

Here's how to keep your pet happy

This month we've got everything from a perfect woodland walk to great outdoor toys and the best pet podcasts to listen to.

Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook’s Monument

A great place for dogs to run and play, this 7.2 mile walk has lots of open landscapes – just make sure to keep dogs close for their safety. Starting at Great Ayton village green, head through the village and along the main street before passing through a metal gate, across a railway line and up to Cliff Ridge Wood. Head through the kissing gate and turn right at the top heading towards the forest. Take the footpath to the left and follow the track which leads to Captain Cook’s Monument. Once you’ve admired the view follow the Cleveland Way north towards Roseberry Topping. Following the stone steps, climb to the top before taking the path on your left facing away from where you came from, down the side of Roseberry Topping, across the field and through the woods. Bear left onto the footpath to Cliff Ridge Wood which will lead you back to Great Ayton.


Warmer weather means more time spent outside. Keep your four-legged friends entertained with these new toys

Rubber ball and rope, £6.99 Great & Small at Pets Corner, Harrogate

Rope Ball, £6.96 Green & Wilds at Roar Pet Supplies, Gateshead

AirDog Bone, £4.99 Kong at Kimi’s Pet Emporium, Washington

Air strike thrower, £9.99 Nerf at Jollyes, Darlington

Hol-ee Roller

Hol-ee Roller, £12.99 My Pet HQ, Morpeth

Dog-O-Soar Frisbee

Dog-O-Soar Frisbee, £7.99 Robinson’s Pet Store, Newcastle

Air fetch ball

Air fetch ball, £6.99 Chuckit! at The Urban Pet Store, Leeds


They’re our faithful companions and much-loved family members, and these popular podcasts delve into their lives a little further. Here’s what to listen to

A Dog’s Life with Anna Webb, Anna Webb and Mike Hanson Anna explores modern dog ownership and explains why every dog is extraordinary. Speaking with scientists and experts she uncovers a greater understanding of our four-legged friends.

The Consulting Room with Dr Paul Manktelow Join veterinary surgeon Dr Paul Manktelow as he explores pets of the modern world. Episodes include uncovering a dog’s DNA, pet therapy in prisons and if pets should ever go vegan.

Can I Pet Your Dog? by Renee Colvert and Alexis Preston Dog owner Renee and puppy owner Alexis talk to guests about their dogs and go on assignments to dog events, reporting back with the need-to-know info – and if there is a dog, they’re going to pet it!

The Purrrcast, Exactly Right Los Angeles-based hosts Sara Lyer and Steven Ray Morris release new episodes every week where they talk to cat people about their feline friends.

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