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Cat in a garden with sunflower Unsplash
May 2023
Reading time 2 Minutes

With spring in full bloom and flowers and plants coming back to life, it can be hard to know which ones to keep your pets away from

Whilst some plants can enrich a cat's life, others can be harmful. These are the ones they need to avoid.


Not every variety of lily is toxic to cats, but Stargazers, Easter and Tiger lilies are, and just brushing against them, or drinking the vase water can cause cats to develop kidney failure.

Spring bulbs

Daffodils, peonies and tulips are also problematic due to the higher concentration of nutrients in their leaves or flowers. Daffodils especially have crystals in their bulbs which if eaten, are toxic to cats and daffodil heads are also harmful causing an upset stomach and vomiting.

Jade Plant

This common house plant can look lovely in your home, but unfortunately, it can be toxic to cats. The dark green, waxy leaves can cause mild to moderate symptoms such as weakness and vomiting if ingested.

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