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Bring the Lemon Groves of the Amalfi Coast Closer to Home Furniture Village
May 2024
Reading time 2 Minutes

Pair zesty yellow tones with whitewashed furniture and a touch of greenery

Here's our favourite pieces to create this classic Italian look.
Oaknut cushion

Oaknut cushion, £50 Sanderson, stockists regionwide

Stone lamp with linen shade

Stone lamp with linen shade, £195

Sienna Flanders Oak flooring

Sienna Flanders Oak flooring, £49.99 per square metre Krono Original at Karpet Mills, branches regionwide

Cream Mix Rug

Cream Mix Rug, £245

Mustard yellow sofa

Mustard yellow sofa, £999

Hamilton dining chair

Hamilton dining chair, £299 (set of two) Furniture Village, York, Leeds, Gateshead and Stockton

Faux olive tree

Faux olive tree, £110 Oka, Harrogate

Estate Emulsion in Octagon Yellow

Estate Emulsion in Octagon Yellow, £54.50 per 2.5 litres Farrow & Ball, stockists regionwide

Round mirror

Round mirror, £125 Barker & Stonehouse at Fenwick, Newcastle and York

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