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The Perfect Christmas Gift That Lasts All Year
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Casual Country Interiors, John Lewis & Partners
October 2021
Reading time 5 Minutes
Warm russet tones combine with splashes of cobalt blue and white for a contemporary take on a country house feel.
Royal Design Chair Tokyo Plate La Mediterrnea

Blue Windsor chair, £72

Blue stoneware plate, £48 (set of six) Tokyo, stockists regionwide

Etched blue wine glasses, £19.99 (set of six) La Mediterránea, stockists regionwide

chiltern oak furniture, la redoute, Boconcept

1. Marseille round mirror, £99.99

2. Set of four linen napkins, £24

3. Lucid vase, £67 BoConcept at Fenwick, Newcastle

Ian Mankin, James Design, Lick Home

4.  Lining Stripe fabric, £27.50 per metre

5. Handmade oak dining table, £1,750 Nick James, Newcastle

6. Red 01, £38 per litre Lick Paint at

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