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Discover the New Neutral for 2024 Lifestyle: Earthborn
January 2024
Reading time 3 Minutes

Eco-friendly paint company Earthborn's Colour of the Year is the perfect neutral, Hopscotch

Sophisticated and calming, it marks a move away from the bright, bold colours that dominated interiors in 2023, to a warm, adaptable, chalky off-white.
Angelo boucle chair

Angelo boucle chair, £764 Rowen Homes, Gateshead

Plant stand floor Lamp

Plant stand floor Lamp, £125 Dunelm, branches regionwide

Chichester dresser in Old Chalk

Chichester dresser in Old Chalk, £4,294 Neptune at Bridgewater Interiors, Gateshead and Wylam

Knotted cushion

Knotted cushion, £45 Truly at John Lewis & Partners, Newcastle

Lisle vase

Lisle vase, £42

The Leyburn wool blanket

The Leyburn wool blanket, £98

Eris Bead wall artwork

Eris Bead wall artwork, £3,995 OKA, Harrogate

Earthborn Interior shot Earthborn
Original Style interior shot Original Style
Bobbin mirror

Bobbin mirror, £195

Hopscotch Claypaint

Hopscotch Claypaint, £57.50 per 2.5 litres

Antique white handmade rug

Antique white handmade rug, £2,450 Emma Mellor, Harrogate

Console table

Console table, £635

Bolzano 3-seater sofa

Bolzano 3-seater sofa, £2,099 BoConcept at Fenwick, Newcastle

Verity seagrass lamp

Verity seagrass lamp, £235

Jungholm stool

Jungholm stool, £30

Blaise side table

Blaise side table, £218

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