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Cosy Night In Christmas - E-Letter
Staying in
November 2020
Reading time 5 minutes
With Christmas inching closer by the day, and lockdown continuing to loom, we’ve assembled all the essentials for a cosy night in this winter – from festive sweet treats and pamper routines, to fun activities to do with the family. Shop now at

Soak your stresses away

Contemplating an evening on the sofa, binge watching your favourite shows, or soaking the night away in the bathtub? With Barrel and Bird’s gorgeous wooden rustic bath caddy, fitted with tea light holders and a wine stand, you’ll never have to choose again. Take the evening entertainment with you, with its built-in metal stand to secure your screen – perfect for self-care Sunday.

Melt away your worries

Melt into relaxation with every nook’s new Christmas candle collection, with delicious festive scents including cranberry and triple sec, praline and coffee bean, or go richer with vintage cologne and tobacco, for an earthier scent. Complete the mood and melt a soy wax melt, grab your favourite read and let the aromas absorb you, for ultimate relaxation.

Signature S’mores Platter

Treat yourself with Graze and Gorge’s limited-edition Signature S’more Platter. Packed with delights including giant marshmallows, rocky road, stroopwafels, indulgent dipping sauces and completed with melt away hot chocolate stirrers. Recommended serving: Cozied up in front of the TV with your favourite Christmas film, or taken outdoors with a crackling fire and blankets, for a perfect winter’s evening.

A sound night's sleep

Perfect your sleep routine with Kiss the Moon’s 100 percent-natural night-time aromatherapy range, that will help you sleep beautifully and wake up feeling gorgeous. Shop from their Ultimate Sleep collection, featuring face creams, bath oils and sleep balms, with scents from chamomile, bergamot, cedar wood and lavender, all designed to send you on the dreamiest nights rest.

Fancy something stronger?

Swap out your usual evening cup of tea with Noveltea’s finest tea infused gin and whiskies, infused with winter spices including cloves, cardamom and cinnamon, ready to be served piping hot, or over ice for a refreshing nightly wind down.

Mind over matter

Transform your mind and body with online Pilates classes from expert Lydia. Enjoy a great mix of plyo, barre and flow through live and pre recorded sessions, delivered in a friendly and welcoming format - with a range of difficulties, adapted for beginners, or even to challenge the more advanced. Opt for a one off live evening wind down, or set yourself up for the week with Lydia’s weekly plan, equipped with 5 weekly pre-recorded sessions, sent into your inbox every Sunday.

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