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December 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Botanical brewers, Fentimans, have created a brand new Christmas cocktail guide including five these delicious recipes to enjoy over the festive season

From sloe rhubarb punch to a tempting cinnamon Collins, enjoy a tipple or two this Christmas.
Cinnamon Collins

50ml Whisky

25ml Lemon juice 

10ml Cinnamon spiced syrup 

10ml Honey 

Top with ginger ale 

Garnish with a slice of fresh lemon and a cinnamon stick 

Pink Pear Mule

25ml Pear vodka 

25ml Lime juice 

20ml Amaretto 

Top with pink ginger 

Garnish with fresh lime and a cinnamon stick 

Sloe Rhubarb Punch

50ml Sloe gin 

Rhubarb tonic water

Garnish with fresh lemon and a mint sprig 

Rose Snowball

75ml Advocaat 

Top with rose lemonade 

Garnish with cinnamon sprinkles 

Winter Cup

25ml Sloe gin 

125ml Ginger beer

125ml Apple cider

10ml Elderflower liqueur 

Bring all the ingredients to a gentle simmer and garnish with fresh lemon. 

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