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The Flattering Trousers and Skirts to Wear This Season Tallula Handhope | Holland Cooper| Ralph Lauren | Boden
February 2024
Reading time 3 Minutes

High-waisted, leg-lengthening trousers and full skirts are spring's must-buys

Just add one of these pieces to your wardrobe for an instant update this season.
Vetrata patchwork skirt

Vetrata patchwork skirt, £499

Tiger print maxi

Tiger print maxi, £293 Marianna Déri at

Pleated midi

Pleated midi, £780 Alexander McQueen at

Satin Twill Lantern Midi Skirt, £59.00 Warehouse

Isabella satin skirt

Isabella satin skirt, £85

Lauren ruched skirt

Lauren ruched skirt, £650

Wool blend high waisted pants

Wool blend high waisted pants, £650 Stella McCartney
+ Net Sustain at

Brown faux leather trousers

Brown faux leather trousers, £149 Mint Velvet, stockists regionwide

Juppe high-rise woven trousers

Juppe high-rise woven trousers, £64 Leem at

Esse trousers

Esse trousers, £548

High-waisted cargo pants

High-waisted cargo pants, £24.99 H&M, branches regionwide

Tie-waist wool trousers

Tie-waist wool trousers, £389 IRO at

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