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Yorkshire Beauty Brands You Need to Know About
Health and beauty
February 2024
Reading time 3 Minutes

Living North loves supporting local and discovering amazing businesses based here in Yorkshire, including the many brilliant beauty brands

Here are a few you need to know about.

The Yorkshire Soap Co. 

Back in 2004 Warren’s retail experience was combined with Marcus’ expertise as a chef when this duo created a recipe for scrumptious soaps inspired by everything from artisan sweet shops to the travelling circus and lots in between. The recipe is still used in their popular soaps today and The Yorkshire Soap Co. have seven shops across Yorkshire. Find everything from facial soaps to bath salts, fizzers and foams, plus a range of body soaps, shampoos, bars and lotions.
Living North loves: Lavender and Peppermint Botanical Soap Bar, £4.50

Salt + Steam

Based near York, Salt + Steam is all about sustainable, plant-based products which are responsibly handmade using cruelty-free and traceable ingredients. Unable to find products which were free of preservatives or in sustainable packaging, Lily Hartley launched her own beauty business in October 2020, ensuring all her salts, scrubs, face masks and steams only come in compostable, biodegradable and re-useable packaging.
Living North loves: Beauty Sleep Facial Steam, £10

Kiss the Moon 

Jo Foster founded multi-award winning business Kiss the Moon from the need to get her own sleep back on track. With a shop just outside Richmond, Kiss the Moon create beauty and wellness products that really do help you sleep beautifully – from sleep balms and night creams to face oils and bath salts. Using ingredients such as orange blossom, jasmine, lavender and rose, it is extremely important to Jo that all her products are 100 percent natural, vegan, cruelty-free and planet-friendly. Find out more about Kiss the Moon at
Living North loves: Dream Bedtime Bath Salts, £18

Uncouth Skincare

Leeds-based Uncouth Skincare is on a mission to tackle the issues people have with their skin. Founded by dermatology doctor Emma Horton, who works alongside a team of UK-based skin doctors, pharmacists and expert formulators, this skincare brand can advise which ingredients work best for your skin, creating a blend of ingredients in a targeted formula that perfectly suits you. Following an online assessment the team will determine which avenue to go down – whether it’s acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, anti-aging or the glow protocol.

Dalia Botanique

Dubbed as botox in a bottle, Dalia’s botanical facial oil is a mix of antioxidant-rich oils inspired by spring meadows and gardens. Full of UK-sourced ingredients such as white poppy seeds and borage oil, the ingredients are great to relieve tired and stressed-looking skin, as well as helping to promote cell regeneration and restore radiance. You’ll also find hand and body oils, washes and creams, as well as hair care from this Wakefield-based beauty brand.
Living North loves: Botanical Facial Oil, £30


This small family-run Yorkshire business began back in 2020 when life-long avid skincare fan, Tina became more conscious of what she was put on her and her daughter’s skin. Only ever using natural ingredients which are sourced in a responsible way, Tina developed Apple Cider Vinegar Gel, a multi-purpose moisturising gel containing witch hazel, liquorice root extract and apple cider vinegar. The gel tones and naturally exfoliates the skin leaving a clean and silky feeling.
Living North Loves: Apple Cider Vinegar Gel, £22.99

Abbey Perfumery

Abbey Perfumery began back in 2020 when founder Jess Brailey created a range of unisex perfumes with scents from dark smokey ouds to lighter fruity florals. Named after Beauchief Abbey, they offer a range of high-quality perfumes which are vegan, cruelty-free and hand-crafted in Jess’ hometown of Sheffield. Looking to try the range? The Perfume Library is a sample of the full collection, or for more of a focused scent, there are Earth Wonders and Fruity Floral boxes.
Living North loves: Amber Skies 50ml, £30

H2K Botanicals

Having spent many years trying to find vegan skincare that worked with her hyper-sensitive and inflamed skin, and not having any luck, Hazel Barry decided to create her own products. Finding Kalahari melon seed oil, which was the secret to reducing inflammation, was the start of Hazel’s journey, and H2K now offer a range of products which boost your mood, relieve stress and promote sleep and wellbeing. At their shop in Harrogate, find everything from nourishing and soothing shower gel to replenishing day and night oils, award-winning shampoo, home fragrances and candles.
Living North loves: Cherry Velvet Soothing Hand and Body Cream, £17.95

Harrogate Organics Company 

A home of well-being, Harrogate Organics Company create products which solve some of life’s problems, such as sleep, anxiety and stress. Their calming pillow mist, enriched with soothing aloe vera, mandarin and lavender notes, helps you drift off to sleep. The rescue balm is great for relief from muscle pain, and the magnesium spray is a best-seller for reducing symptoms of restless legs or pain from inflammation.
Living North loves: Natural Repair Magnesium Spray, £13.75

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Cosy Cottage Soap

This beauty brand started when Clara was producing homemade soaps in her kitchen laboratory in a 350-year-old cottage in Ganthrope. Whilst recovering from breast cancer, she became concerned about the harmful effects of detergents and other additives found in much commercially-produced skincare, so using her knowledge as a qualified chemist, she began producing her own natural soaps, free from sulphates and palm oil. Now with a shop and a bigger manufacturing space in Malton, Cosy Cottage Soap produce everything from moisturising body soaps and facial scrubs to conditioners and hand creams.
Living North loves: Uplifting Geranium Soap, £3.50

Navy Professional

Born in Yorkshire back in 2018 and now one of the most in-demand beauty tool companies in the world, Navy Professional supplies high-quality beauty tools with an anti-bacterial titanium coating. Confused as to why most steel instruments for the beauty industry came from abroad, Rebecca Crawforth decided to fix the problem, and now has a range of manicure, lash and brow-based tools, as well as hygiene kits, a skincare range and bare nail treatments.
Living North loves: Advanced Brow Kit, £159 

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