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collage of fragrances
Health and beauty
January 2024
Reading time 3 Minutes

Swap citrus notes with warmer cinnamon, pepper, amber and musk for a sophisticated scent more suited to winter

Here are the scents worth adding to your collection.

Twilly d’Hermès, £120 Hèrmes Beauty

Fresh, spiky ginger mixed with sandalwood and tuberose keep this beautiful scent lighthearted, but warm enough to wear all winter.

Winter 90, £64 Norfolk Natural Living

This beautiful British scent is handmade in Norfolk. With top notes of lavandin and red thyme, it dries down to a warming hug of tonka bean, eucalyptus and vanilla. 

Jazz Club, £58 Maison Margiela

Top notes of pink pepper and neroli oil, followed by rum absolute and java vetiver give way to unmistakeable base notes of vanilla bean and tobacco leaf in this truly evocative and luxurious scent.

Force EDP, £170 Tobba

Italian cypress, mint, liquorice and coco absolute combine with patchouli and leather in this intensely seductive scent just perfect for winter.

Santal Blush EDP, £210 Tom Ford

Sensuous and sophisticated, with warm cinnamon and ylang ylang, this fragrance is addictive.

Love At Your Darkest, £255 Gucci

A deep, distinctive scent with a blend of black pepper and cedar for a warming, woody finish just perfect for seeing you through winter.

Eyes Closed EDP, £130 Byredo

Sweet but not overly so, this unusual scent has warming notes of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and patchouli, ideal for those who prefer a more feminine scent for winter.

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