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Neom candle on bath caddy Neom
Health and beauty
November 2023
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Introduce some calm to the chaos of the new season with a stress-relieving scented candle designed to calm, soothe and destress

Here are eight of the best calming scented candles to unwind with.

For a cocooning, spa-like aroma look no further than this aromatic blend of sandalwood, rose geranium, myrrh and frankincense.
Soothing Candle, £55 ESPA

Who could fail to relax when surrounded by the scent of the sun-bathed cape, dotted with pines and lined with white rocky cliffs overlooking the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean.
Eden-Roc candle, £86 Dior

Unwind and take a moment to centre the mind with anatomé’s gorgeous candle. Made using a blend of all natural essential oils, it is designed to calm and soothe with notes of lavender, frankincense and sandalwood.
Recovery + Sleep candle, £55.

It does what is says on the box. Relax after a stressful day with this sleep-inducing scented candle with lavender, chamomile and vetiver essential oils.
Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle, £26 this works

Infused with calming lavender and eucalyptus to help you unwind on days where you need a little boost, the pure soy wax delivers a clean burn and a pure uplifting scent.
Relax candle, £70 Cowshed

Wellbeing brand Neom’s Tranquility candle is made from pure essential oils of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to help calm and destress after a hectic day.
Tranquility three wick candle, £50 Neom

The soothing, calming properties of cinnamon and clove in this candle combine with zesty orange to create a feeling of calm and relaxation.
Orange & Cinnamon Candle, £28 The Harrogate Candle Company

With verbena leaf, violet, kaffir lime and eucalyptus, this soy candle’s earthy scent is the definition of a cosy night in.
Verveine 32, £60 Le Labo

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