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Discover the Enchanting New Collection from Yorkshire Artist Lucy Pittaway

The ‘Little Lucy’ collection
October 2023
Reading time 5 Minutes

The 'Little Lucy' collection portrays a journey through childhood and resilience

Lucy Pittaway, the celebrated British artist renowned for her vivid and colourful paintings, is thrilled to announce the launch of her latest masterpiece, the 'Little Lucy' collection.

This captivating collection takes us on an enchanting journey through the complexities of childhood experiences, illuminating their enduring impact on our lives. With a rich tapestry of emotions and narratives, ‘Little Lucy’ promises to captivate hearts and minds alike.

The ‘Little Lucy’ collection draws its inspiration from the profound notion that our early life experiences, both joyful and challenging, intricately shape the individuals we become. At the core of this collection lies the compelling narrative of a young girl named ‘Little Lucy’, who navigates the uncertainties and anxieties of her youth with a heart full of compassion and boundless creativity.

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In the enchanting world of ‘Little Lucy’, we meet a character who embodies the innocence of youth yet grapples with a lack of confidence. Her vivid imagination and compassionate nature serve as her guiding stars, offering a glimmer of hope amidst the backdrop of overthinking, school worries, and a constantly shifting home life. She is the girl who gazes out of her window, her mind a whirlwind of thoughts, earning her the affectionate nickname ‘Dolly Daydream’ from her parents.

As Little Lucy grows, she adapts to the changes life throws her way and steadfastly endeavours to infuse positivity into her existence. Her story is a poignant reminder that our early experiences do not dictate our future; rather, we hold the power to script our own destinies.

At the heart of the ‘Little Lucy’ collection lies a profound message: ‘Sometimes life may not grant us the best start, for reasons beyond our control. However, these experiences do not define who we are or who we can become. Each experience is but a chapter in our book of life, and we possess the pen to write the subsequent chapters. Reach for the stars.’

lucy standing with her paintings

Lucy Pittaway's intention with this collection is to resonate deeply with individuals on their personal journeys, instilling the belief that they can surmount challenges and aspire to greatness.

‘Little Lucy’ represents a departure from Lucy Pittaway's earlier works in that it openly addresses mental health issues, particularly among young individuals. While her signature painting style remains consistent, the introduction of ‘Little Lucy’ and her story adds a deeply personal and relatable dimension to her art. Elements familiar to her audience, such as the iconic round Swaledale sheep, continue to make appearances, forging a connection between this collection and Lucy's established body of work.

The launch of ‘Little Lucy’ comes at a poignant time, as the world grapples with unprecedented challenges. Widespread suffering has underscored the need for support and the dissemination of positivity. This collection seeks to provide solace and hope to young people contending with mental health issues, fostering resilience and nurturing the belief in brighter days ahead.

The creative journey behind ‘Little Lucy’ commenced with Lucy Pittaway's thoughts and emotions taking shape on paper. Ideas flowed freely, leading to sketches, studies, and ultimately, fully realised paintings. From an array of visual concepts, Lucy selected six pieces that authentically encapsulate the essence of this remarkable collection.

The six-piece collection is available as artists' proofs, sketches for the very first time, originals, and prints.

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Lucy Pittaway's responsibility to wanting to make a positive impact goes beyond her art. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the ‘Little Lucy’ collection will be donated to a local charity, The Junction based in Teesside, focused on supporting young people. By combining her artistic talent with a charitable spirit, Pittaway aims to provide tangible support to those in need.

Lucy hopes viewers will perceive these paintings as more than just art; they are profound expressions of resilience and hope. If these vibrant creations can brighten even a single person’s life, then they have undeniably fulfilled their purpose.

For more information about Lucy Pittaway and the ‘Little Lucy’ collection, please visit 

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