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Health and beauty
September 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

With the holidays fast disappearing, and the return to the routine of the school run and all that brings firmly on the horizon, life quickly becomes a balancing act

Keep your stress levels down and energy levels up with these six targeted supplements, all specially designed to do just that.

Stress & Mild Anxiety Support

Each sachet contains five daily capsules packed with essential vitamins, minerals and adaptogenic ancient herb and flower remedies, all designed to help support an anxious mind and body. One sachet per day will improve sleep, mental clarity and wellness, and help reduce anxiety and lower stress levels. NuMind Wellness


Relax (300g)

This best-selling, plant-based powder supplement comes in a delicious salted caramel flavour. Only 20 calories per serving, this powerful supplement is designed to support the endocrine and nervous system to help you unwind naturally. Drink in the evening as a hot chocolate whenever you feel you need help to relax and switch off. Dr David Jack


Zen O’clock Calming Gummies

When the going gets tricky take just two of these calming chewable daily supplements, expertly blended with lemon balm, chamomile and Vitamin B6 to help support the nervous system and reduce tiredness and fatigue. Beauty Pie

£31.50 (Member’s Price)

De-Stress (60 capsules)

Stress can negatively impact nearly every system of your body. Luckily, this fast-acting supplement, formulated with essential vitamins C and B5, helps in moderating the body’s physiological function, nervous system and mental performance, whilst botanical extracts relieve symptoms of stress and mild anxiety. Vida Glow


Uber Energy (60 capsules)

Struggling to get back into the early morning routine? These capsules boost energy levels through adrenal strength, helping to control stress levels and nourish depleted adrenal glands which are responsible for your energy hormones, combined with calming and rejuvenating root extracts and energy-enhancing vitamins C, B5 and B6. Hum Nutrition


Restful Nights

Don’t let your stressed out mind disrupt your sleep. Scientifically calibrated using naturally-derived ingredients, take these soft gels containing holy basil, vitamin D and magnesium to calm the nervous system and improve sleep. Lumity


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