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bedroom Ellis
October 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Dream big with George Smith’s newest releases

British furniture and fabric company George Smith have announced the launch of their dreamiest collection yet; four sumptuous beds will launch in October as part of the George Smith Collection.

Showcasing the best of George Smith craftsmanship, the new bed collection features four styles that can be personalised through classic George Smith upholstery detailing. As with all of George Smith’s furniture, the new collection is made at their factory in Newcastle by the largest team of master upholsterers in the UK. 

Available as full beds or simple headboards, the collection is fully customisable, offering endless colour and upholstery detail combinations. Options include nail heads, contrast piping and even ruching, paired with a choice of more than 300 George Smith in-house fabrics or customers’ own material. Keep it simple or mix it up; styling your very own luxury bed has never been so fun! 


Named after 18th century upholsterers, Avery, Ellis, Darby and Marlow, the collection is made up of four elegant, versatile and exceptionally upholstered beds that can be tailored to reflect your personal style.

Lively and inviting, the Avery has a stylish silhouette with inverted corners that create a playful and charismatic bed.

Graceful and full of charm, with a gentle sculptural crown, the Ellis provides a cosy yet regal retreat away from life’s daily hustle and bustle.

Classic and smooth, the elegant, domed curve of the Darby offers a harmonious and tranquil space for relaxing.

Less is more with the Marlow; crisp and confident lines keep it chic and simple for an all-round polished look. 

George Smith have designed this timeless collection to suit a broad range of styles, with four elegant beds that create a balance between comfort and grandeur. This new and exciting product range displays the renowned quality of George Smith.

‘Launching the George Smith Bed Collection is an organic and natural step for our brand, blending perfectly into our company ethos of personalised luxury,’ says Amanda Barrett, Sales and Marketing Director. ‘Their designs focus on the splendid upholstery details that are quintessentially George Smith, featuring classic lines and sumptuous proportions. We look forward to having fun with our clients styling their beds, and to seeing them passed down through the generations, alongside our full collection.’

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