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Modern, abstract lighting hanging in the corner of a pink painted room Cameron Design House
June 2023
Reading time 2 Minutes

This season's lighting is infused with a warm, golden glow

Whether it's a statement pendant you're looking for, or a pretty-but-practical desk lamp, this season's lighting is going for gold.
 Tiled diner pendant

Set in an industrial-style frame, the translucent geometric tiles in this pendant allow light to suffuse through the bone china, creating a uniquely delicate effect. Tiled diner pendant, £2,199 Davey Lighting at

Contina swing arm floor lamp

This opal-white dome emits a soft, diffused light.
Contina swing arm floor lamp, £89

Alpha six-light pendant

This statement pendant is height adjustable, and we think it would look striking lowered over a dining table or kitchen island. Alpha six-light pendant, At Home Furnishings, Stockton

Hexagon three-light pendant

With a contemporary design and warm white LEDs, this unique pendant will create a welcoming glow. Hexagon three-light pendant, £459 Dar Lighting at Fenwick, Newcastle

Tires alabaster ceiling pendant

Glamorous but refined, this Art-Deco inspired pendant features a marbled glass globe and brushed brass fittings. Tires alabaster ceiling pendant, £70 Habitat at Sainsbury’s, Heaton

Bakir metal task desk lamp

Bakir metal task desk lamp, £195 Nkuku, stockists regionwide

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