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Get to Know Monday Muse and Find Out About Their Must-Visit Beauty Event This Weekend

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November 2022
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This weekend Monday Muse will be at H Beauty Gateshead offering one-to-one complimentary consultations to learn more about your skin

Monday Muse is an award-winning line of skin and scalp care made using organic ingredients which are gentle on the skin. We caught up with Monday Muse’s Dutch founder, Lune Martens, to find out more about her kind beauty brand and how you can get to know them – and your skin – better this weekend.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Monday Muse.
Monday Muse is a line of skin and scalp care which I created and launched in 2020. I’m an ex-model and this brand has been years in the making after searching high and low to find something that would help clean up my troubled skin. We launched in the midst of the pandemic with just one product, and now have a line of four products – with more to come next year!

Minimal yet meaningful, each product within the range has a ‘made from scratch’ formula using organic ingredients, each purposefully chosen to ensure the lowest risk of irritation whilst delivering the highest efficacy. The collection caters to sensitive and reactive skin whilst offering a premium look, feel and experience, filling a niche within the skincare industry.

We ship to over 45 countries however this year, Monday Muse has expanded into the retail space, and is now stocked in the brand's first bricks and mortar sites in the UK and Europe; launching into the UK's most iconic store, H Beauty by Harrods, in June followed by Galeries Lafayette and Mon Corner in Paris where the first product drops sold out in a matter of weeks.

What was the inspiration for the brand?
I experienced severe skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and perioral dermatitis throughout childhood and into adulthood, however I rejected the medical path of roaccutane prescribed by my dermatologist. Instead, I was able to manage and overcome each condition with a 360 holistic approach to my skin which included nutrition, gut health and gentle skincare products without fragrance or essential oils.

However, with a love for skincare I struggled to find a brand which was aesthetically pleasing and a joy to use whilst catering to my sensitive and reactive skin. I found that other brands on the market at the time were either targeted to teenagers and left my skin feeling stripped and uncomfortable, or were medical looking brands that took the joy out of skincare.

So I took things into my own hands, taking the time to learn more about skincare and getting an accreditation in organic skincare formulation. I devised recipes for my dream skincare products and found a chemist who was able to bring the formulations to life, focusing on whole ingredients that were suitable for even the most reactive skin. From there, Monday Muse was born.

Tell us more about your products.
The Nectar was the first product we launched and it’s a luxurious, lightweight and synthetic fragrance-free natural oil formula. Nourishing and calming the skin, this delicate facial oil quickly absorbs into the skin ensuring a non-greasy feeling, making it ideal for very sensitive, oily/combination or dry skin. Our expert blend of cold-pressed oils work together to repair and enrich the skin barrier through a dose of effective vitamins and minerals. The antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids help protect against free radicals to combat signs of premature ageing, whilst the antibacterial properties keep temperamental skin in check.

Just like one you would drink, The Juice, is a lightweight multi-functional serum which provides a serious boost of hydration with added nutrients that work to improve your skin health. Centella asiatica, red algae and prebiotics are used to protect and hydrate the skin whilst the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of our unique clarifying complex encourage a clear complexion. In addition, vitamins B3 and B5 help to minimise the appearance of pores, gently help fade dark spots while fortifying the skin too.

As the name suggests, The Cleanser gives healthy and cleansed skin day and night. This milky gel hybrid thoroughly cleanses the skin, removing dirt and debris to create a clean canvas without leaving skin feeling tight. Red algae and aloe vera replenish and hydrate the skin, while sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil and prebiotics help balance and nourish the skin barrier, preparing it for the next steps in your skincare regimen. Our cleansing agent is made from a gentle sugar-based surfactant that is 100 percent biodegradable and has been specifically developed with reactive skin in mind.

Finally, The Gloss. I believe that the secret to healthy, happy hair starts at the scalp and so this nutrient-rich blend is brimming with cold-pressed omega oils to nourish, strengthen and revive from root to tip. Designed as a pre-wash treatment, the cold-pressed blend encourages a balanced and healthy scalp that, with regular use, can help stimulate hair growth – and if you’re seeking shinier hair, the dynamic dual-purpose formula will give your locks a lift too, enhancing its natural lustre. Black cumin seed oil, together with pumpkin seed and papaya seed oils, work to take care of dry and irritated scalps, whilst controlling flakiness and product build-up.

What can we expect from your event at H Beauty Gateshead?
This weekend Monday Muse will be holding an event at H beauty in Gateshead. We are partnering with the leading, award-winning skin education platform Lion/ne to offer one-to-one, complimentary skin consultations for consumers to learn about their skin in minute detail.

Each appointment will start with a skin analysis, with Lion/ne’s founder Megan Felton using a skin diagnostic machine, during which they will learn about their skin and they will be recommended products from the Monday Muse range for their skin needs. What's more each purchase of Monday Muse over the weekend will receive a gift with purchase, plus everyone who comes to an appointment will enjoy a complimentary mimosa, bellini or non-alcoholic drink too. Appointments are first-come first-served over the weekend though, so we would get down early if you don’t want to miss out!

How can people get involved?  
Appointments are open to anybody but as I say they’re first-come, first-served so be quick! People can drop in from 12.20pm–6pm on Friday, all day on Saturday and Sunday morning until noon for an appointment. They’ll also have the opportunity to ask all the questions they want to know about their skin with a brilliant skin expert.

Why did you choose this location for the event?
H Beauty Gateshead is our first UK retailer, so we wanted the chance to meet with customers in real life and offer them a unique experience to help them understand their skin health. The H Beauty community has been so wonderful and supportive, and this is our way of giving back! I have been to North East a few times before and it's such a beautiful place and everyone is so kind. I look forward to connecting with our customers here and hopefully enjoying the scenery – plus some great food!

What’s your top piece of beauty advice?
I truly believe in a less is more approach. When I was dealing with severe cystic acne, I was using so many different products and also was switching things up a lot, which had the opposite to desired effect on my skin. Only when I started focussing on incorporating more hydrating and nourishing ingredients aside from a few stronger actives, did my skin start to clear up. It's about finding balance and not overloading the skin with too many ingredients and products at one given time.

The Monday Muse event will be taking place at Harrods Beauty, Metrocentre on Friday 11th November 12.30–18.00, Saturday 12th November 9.00–18.00 and Sunday 13th November. For more information about the brand head to

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