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Living North’s Christmas Fairs

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Living North’s Christmas Fairs
Hold on to the Heat of Summer with Bright Accessories and a Bit of Neon
September 2021
Reading time 5 Mintues

Glow Up

with these bright accessories and a bit of neon.

1. Royal Aero 56cm  rainbow balloon, £95  Interiors at Nine to  Eleven, Malton

2. Wire hooks, £18

3.  Palm leaves cotton cushion, £65 Clarissa  Hulse, stockists regionwide

4. Mini cocktail shaker, £8.99 Kitchen Craft, stockists regionwide

5. Blue Moon neon dip dye taper candles, £12.95 (set of three)

6.  Bloomin’ Eck! original art work, £355 Light Up North, Saltburn

7.  Basis jug, £35 LSA  International at  Barkers, Northallerton

8. Bright Diamond throw, £110 Bronte by Moon, stockists regionwide 

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