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How to Get More Plants On Your Plate
January 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Dr Megan Rossi’s rules for healthy eating are all about diversity

Her new book, Eat More, Live Well explains in simple terms how you can still enjoy your favourite food, and boost gut health with her Diversity Diet.

‘In this world of social media and hashtags, many of us like to belong to a food tribe. How we eat can become like an identity, but that’s not necessarily healthy. Healthy is much easier,’ says Megan. ‘We can ditch our quest for perfection and diet labelling because what matters is a plant-based diversity – how many different types of plants you can get in to your diet. Forget five a day. My advice is to aim for 30 plant points a week. That’s 30 different types of plants foods, which includes wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, herbs and spices (including tea and coffee).

‘Hitting your diversity goals is easier than you think,’ she explains. ‘We take it slow, make it fun, easy and importantly, flavoursome.’ 

This book is all about simple changes, adding more plants to your plate, and shows just how more plant-based eating benefits our bodies. Here, we share three of our favourite recipes.

Diversity Hacks

Looking for ways to get your weekly plant points to 30 and beyond? Here are Megan’s best diversity hacks.

Quick Switches

Peckish? Swap crisps for toasted nuts or seeds, or save potato or butternut squash peelings to roast in the oven for a no-waste, crispy snack.

Switch your single piece of fruit for mixed berries (fresh or frozen).

For a fruit crumble, substitute a third of the flour for oats and another for ground almond.

Habit Forming Hacks

When you are serving food always ask ‘what could I add?’. Chop a banana over breakfast, add sprouted seeds to your sandwich, slice a tomato onto your plate etc.

Once a month add 30 minutes on to your supermarket shop to browse the plant-food isles to break ‘habit’ buying. And seek out new farmers’ markets or farm and specialist shops for inspiration.

Stock up on frozen veg and fruit. Buy mixed bags for extra diversity.

Consider signing up for a local farm or veg-box delivery for different plants and to try new things.

Easy Adds

Always add one more vegetable than the recipes says. It can be as simple as adding a tin of lentils or chickpeas.

Make up a seed shaker to add to cereals, yoghurt and salads, and as a topping to eggs, avocado etc.

Most recipes will benefit from adding herbs and spices which also add extra phytochemicals to your food.

Eat More, Live Well by Dr Megan Rossi, published by Penguin Life, £16.99

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