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wallpaper ceiling with a big bay window Bobbi Beck - Ace
January 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

An interior design expert advises homeowners on how to make ceiling wallpaper look good

A recent interior design trend has seen wallpaper take a new and unique role within the world of home decor. No longer is wallpaper exclusively destined to spruce up your walls; homeowners have been applying this decorative staple to their ceilings too in a bold move that is redefining its use within our interiors.

James Mellan-Matulewicz, Creative Director and Designer at Bobbi Beck, explains why this new phenomenon is on the rise, and gives his tips on how to incorporate this design choice into your home.

‘Although installing wallpaper to the ceiling may appear to be an odd concept, this quirky trend is a game changer,’ says James. ‘Substituting simplistic, block colours with eye-catching patterns and textures has been shown to completely transform the prestige of your living space, with many drawn in by the air of regality and decadence that this technique evokes.

‘Its popularity lies in its subtle yet effective ability to elevate any room into a space fit for royalty, with impressive murals and elegant illustrations providing a design reminiscent of a palace or historical building. Applying wallpaper to the ceiling is guaranteed to turn heads and has become a sensation among those looking to upgrade the desirability of their interiors.

‘However, there are several factors to consider before diving straight in with embellishing your ceilings, with your preexisting home environment playing an important role in what design choices you should or shouldn’t make.’

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Bobbi Beck - Naomi
Check out James’s top tips below

1. Evaluate your space

A crucial question to ask before making any interior transformations is whether your space will benefit from this addition. Does the structure of your home cater to the integration of wallpaper on the ceiling? Do the aesthetics of your preexisting decor complement this design? Embellishing a surface, whether it be with bold shades or intricate patterns, will likely make it a focal point of any room, so bear this in mind before you decide to elevate your ceiling into a statement piece.

2. Choose a pattern

Regardless of whether your preferences are sophisticated or extravagant, choosing the right pattern to enhance your home’s interior is a must. Consider how the appearance of your ceiling will contribute to the overall look of your room – factoring in your walls is the most productive way to achieve this. If your walls are intricately decorated in an abundance of designs and illustrations, then style your ceiling accordingly; choose a wallpaper with a more subtle and minimalistic layout so as to avoid clashing your patterns. 

Similarly, whilst an over-saturation of patterns can be overwhelming to look at, an undersaturation can bring down the visual appeal of your space. If your walls are on the simplistic side, then this is a great opportunity to bring your ceiling front and centre with a more elaborate wallpaper design – murals, landscapes, or florals are just some of the options that are guaranteed to draw attention. Balance is key here.

Bobbi Beck - Blossom

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3.  Order and apply

Knowing just how much wallpaper to order can be difficult, particularly for first-time buyers. Luckily, whether you’re ordering in-store or online, there are a number of ways to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible. 

Make sure that you have the dimensions of your ceiling (the total length and width) to hand when making your purchase. Some online stores are able to use these measurements to calculate exactly how much wallpaper you will need for that specific space, and in-store employees are guaranteed to be on hand to help customers make the right decision. Be mindful that wallpaper measurements are often determined either by roll or by square metre, so it’s important to adjust your calculations accordingly.

Take extra care when hanging wallpaper from a height, and be sure to temporarily remove any decor that may be hanging from the ceiling and could fall or obstruct the installation process.

4. Maintaining your wallpaper

Committing to wallpaper is a long-term investment, so it’s worth taking steps to maintain its longevity. Regularly dusting with a microfibre cloth will prevent the accumulation of dirt over a period of time and keep colours looking vibrant. It is recommended that you do a spot test on your wallpaper before cleaning to prevent any irreversible damage to the material.

James Mellan-Matulewicz is CEO of luxury, sustainable wallpaper brand Bobbi Beck, who provide a variety of wallpapers that cater to all styles and tastes.

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