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It’s a Dog’s Life: An Easter Egg Hunt Goes Wrong
April 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Our canine columnist is back

This week, LN’s office pooch Winston is sharing his thoughts on a memorable Easter egg hunt.
lab, pug

Morning Bouncing Bunnies!

Happy Easter and all the merriment that goes with this miraculous moment in time. Whatever your religion, or none, I hope you have an eggs-cellent weekend. 

It’s fitting that we spare a thought for our canine companions in Ukraine and elsewhere where life is tough, but closer to home, and not wishing to steal a march on the Pope or Archbishop or any of those type of chaps, here’s my annual Easter message. 

Like all good yarns you have to take the ruff with the smooth and this is no exception. And, as you find in many a story, there's a lesson to be learnt. So there's a Labrador, a Spaniel, and a Pug and they all live in the same street. All their owners have young children, so as Easter day finally arrives, they all decide to have an Easter egg hunt, with the odd Easter Bunny thrown in for good measure. One of the parents had scattered chocolate everywhere, some well hidden away, other more obvious. 

I couldn't believe my eyes when I heard that the Pug had been let into the garden to conduct his morning business. Well as you can imagine, in true puggish style, he sniffed out some of the eggs and scoffed them straight down. A little later when the families joined together, the Labrador immediately sensed the Pug, aptly named Pig, was a little off colour. He also smelt the unmistakable smell of chocolate so went off to explore too. Meanwhile, the Spaniel, who was aptly called Speedo, ran around the garden noticing the eggs, but declined to pay them any significant attention. The Labrador, Lionel by name, sniffed out half a dozen eggs of his own and set about wolfing one as only a Labrador can. However, as he was in the process of spitting out a bit of cardboard the children, realising a game was afoot, started their own search. Lionel lay down and watched his friends at play, meanwhile Speedo just kept on running round and round. All the whiles poorly Pig the Pug sat in his bed in the kitchen.

With the game over, and most of the eggs found, all but Lionel headed inside. With a degree of sniffing, he was able to find two more eggs and quickly made short shrift of them.

All was well, until he felt a little off colour too. So he retreated to the garden and, as naughty Labradors often are after hoovering food, he was sick. Meanwhile poor Pig was causing some concern, he was normally such a cheery dog. (Speedo at this point was having a nap). At the end of the day so worried were Pig's owners they decided to take him to the vet (really expensive on Easter day... but that's not the point).

Thankfully, the vet immediately realised what had gone on and before long Pig too had been sick.

All was well, but the important (if long-winded) message is... don't let your dog get hold of any chocolate this Easter. And if you do organise an Easter Egg hunt – please think about your pups too.

Sorry this tail is possibly a little dull, but it is important don't you think? 

Glad to say normal service will resume next week when we head to the beach for a walk and a brilliant boozer.

Toodle pup,

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