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dogs sleeping and cricket players
June 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Our canine columnist has been taking it easy this week

LN’s office pooch Winston hasn’t been too well, but he’s back with another column now that he’s on the mend.
cricket players

Hi Hounds,

I trust all is well in your world? My week has been a disaster. Firstly, I’m not one to grumble too much generally but boy oh boy did I get sidelined by a really bad bout of some gastro thing. I know, how ironic, as only last weekend I said to watch your diet. I must have cursed myself! Anyway, two night in the vet’s later – and a handsome bill which made Dad go green and mutter something like ‘more expensive than the Waldorf’ – I’m feeling a bit better. 

Although it was a real bind feeling so ruff and getting ill, at least I dodged a bullet in the form of one Ronnie, a whippet from Somerset who was supposed to come and stay. He’s a crashing bore and mainly sleeps, anyway I avoided him so that was one good thing.

When I was in the vet I noticed a poster on the wall which tickled me a bit, it was about bad breath. There were lots of dogs pictured but not a dachshund I’m pleased to say, and there was a picture of some evil-looking creature with gnashers the size of a lion, I think it must have been a Rottweiler.

Because I’ve been somewhat incapacitated I’ve not really kept up to speed with the news this week so apart from watching a bit of cricket (my favourite sport) and keeping paws crossed we get a clean sweeping, and dad muttering as usual about biased reporting on the radio this morning (well, every morning), I can’t really add any value this week.

And because I’m feeling as sick as a dog (talk about an apt expression) I’m not heading out on the moors as I had hoped today but will hopefully come back strong next week when I’m looking forward to heading to the Dales.

Have a good week and mind how you go – and what you eat…

Toodle pup,

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