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It’s a Dog’s Life: Winston goes to York
March 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Living North’s office dog Winston is at Living North LIVE this week

He’s sneaking in to give us the lowdown on the Knavesmire
York racecourse

Aye up pups,

How are you this sunny weekend? Found some decent shade or are you a bit of a sun GOD/DOG (anagram) like me? I love the warmth it's just great and the bright start to spring is absolutely banging, as my brother might say.

I'm reporting to you live from Living North's Spring Fair in York. To be precise we're on the Knavesmire or as it's more commonly known York Racecourse. It looks gorgeous today and there are various tribes of dogs out and about (a tribe is a group of six dogs or more and you see loads here, I think those doggy day care people must come here. I'll have a chat and let you know).

It's an amazing spot for a walk and there's so much room to just run wild. The Knavesmire is where the highwayman Dick Turpin met his end. They strung him up here before the crowd watched the races, Dad says that might be a good idea for President Putin who's still causing carnage in Ukraine and I totally agree, in fact Putin and Turpin are almost anagrams, how clever am I? Turpin was a thief and Putin is a thief and a murderer, so yes let's bring him to York and sort him out.

So, I've just chatted with a Dalmation called Doris and she confirms that the tribes are part of various dog walking services. I couldn't abide such a thing myself but I must say everyone seems pretty relaxed, and only a pug is causing any trouble... typical.

Annoyingly dogs aren't allowed in to Living North LIVE, which is silly, but I get in through a back door. But it seems a fun place to go especially for Mother's Day and as I say the Knavesmire is a must for your bucket list.

Poodle pip,

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