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It’s a Dog’s Life: Winston’s Having a Barbecue
June 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

LN’s office pooch has his say

This week, our canine columnist is addressing two important issues: the cost of living crisis, and barbecues.

Howdie hounds,

I hope you had a good week and there's a wag in the tail, your snout is wet and all is well in your world. I know there's a cost of living crisis but look, we'll get through it; we have to stay positive. We just need to just take a pull on certain expenditure and put a jumper on if needed. If I was a politician I know I would get grief for saying that, but it's surely true, if you're cold you put another layer on... simples (to quote those ridiculous meerkats that are constantly on the TV). Are they Russian by the way? I'm not really sure, I think they are, they are also overpaid for what they do. 

Anyway, as I was saying, we all need to stick together now, work hard and get the UK back on top (did you hear what that European think tank (you what?) said the other day? That Britain is heading for the lowest growth in Europe in 2023, what a buffoon... it strikes me they can't get next week's forecasts right let alone next year's) and make the most of all we have, and despite what some over-entitled young dogs say, we have an awful lot to savour. So tonight we're having a feast in the garden instead of going out, we reckon with all involved it will save money and the food will be better. I mean maybe not, but it will be fun.

I can't tell you how much I love a good bar-b-q and there's many a good reason for that – not least there's always some good extras to enjoy. Mind you I rudely nicked a lamb bone the other day which made my mum a bit upset, and Dad too, but he's always grumpy. Also watch those chicken bones, they can play havoc even with bigger dogs.

If you're wanting to support local businesses as I do a lot, get yourself to a farm shop today, they often have a great setting for a walk, and there are a few good ones in the North East and loads in Yorkshire. They should have plenty for the perfect bar-b-q. 

Anyway, take good care and remember an old adage my wise old uncle used to say. If you have a sausage today when times are tough you will savour the steak of the future even more (or something like that).

See you next week: be good, stay calm and wear a jumper if you get cold.


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