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Living in a Small Space? This Design Hack Could Transform Your Space

Our Top Picks For Elegant Room Dividers
March 2021
Reading time 5 minutes

Get in the zone with an elegant room divider

Working from home has its advantages – whether it’s the chance to stay super-comfy all day in luxe loungewear, or using the time you save on your commute to learn how to make sourdough. However, one problem many people are facing is simply finding a suitable space to work.

You don’t want to spend your evenings staring at the mess you’ve made of your desk, after all. That’s why the room divider is back in fashion. Offering a simple, practical way of dividing your space, you can choose something bright and colourful (as seen at Fire & Co) or something super-simple as seen at Cuckooland

Find more tips on how to plan your workspace here, and read on for our pick of the most elegant room dividers and screens. 

4 Fire & Co, South Shields

Fusion Three-Section Room Divider

£314 at Fire & Co, South Shields 


Rumour Room Divider

£199 at Dutchbone, stockists regionwide

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