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Staying in
July 2023
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Northumberland-born LJ Ross is the bestselling author of the DCI Ryan murder mystery series. Each month, she shares an exclusive Book Club pick with Living North readers

In celebration of lighter evenings and the beginning of summer, this month's LJ Ross Book Club selection is a milder choice than our usual fare of crime or thriller fiction, and comes in the form of Sally Page's Sunday Times bestselling novel, The Keeper of Stories.

It tells the story of Janice, a cleaner with a knack for keeping the stories of others – whether they’ve told them to her, or she’s overheard fragments of conversations over the years. But, when she begins to work for Mrs B, a shrewd lady in her nineties, she finds someone who is more interested to hear about her story, rather than the stories she keeps. But Janice doesn’t have her own story to tell, or is it that she’s afraid to tell that particular tale? Mrs B is on a mission to find out…

LJ’s Thoughts: 

‘This book was thoroughly charming and, rather than finding its content too ‘fluffy’ or prosaic for one with a predilection for darker storytelling, I found myself drawn into a world of wonderful, three-dimensional characters with genuine heart, which was such a welcome relief and seemed fitting for the time of year. There’s real wit to the dialogue, and a kind of wisdom imbued into the two main characters that demonstrates the writer’s experience and observation of people, which only adds to the authenticity of the fictional story she’s created. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy read with endearing characters and plenty of good humour!’

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