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February 2019
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Martin Tyson is an audio visual expert

Martin Tyson from audio visual experts Peter Tyson talks us through the latest technologies, and what’s coming next

How has what you do developed over the last 20 years?
On vision, we have a much better performance now – with OLED TV pictures, and easy access to hours of endless entertainment. On audio, we are seeing a better performance (particularly from smaller units) and, again, endless music through streaming. At the same time, demand for record players continues to grow. People are listening to more music than ever before.

Can you tell us how styles have changed in that time?
People are paying a lot more attention to making the technology discreet – technology has allowed pieces to shrink dramatically, without losing out on performance.

Custom-made cabinets are also increasingly popular – you can choose the colour and the shape, and hide all your equipment and cables inside. 

What are the biggest advances in technology in this field?
If you love music then streaming doesn’t just give you access to your music easily, it encourages you to discover more and more music, as it suggests similar artists and styles to what you are currently listening to.

People are spending less time in front of the TV and more time doing other things while enjoying music – these days you can take your music in the garden or to the gym. Or just sitting down and enjoying music like people used to do in the ‘80s!

Are there any innovations which fell flat?
3D – certain things are best left for the cinema!
Is there anything that’s remained the same throughout?
You get what you pay for. That applies to products, service and advice.

What’s the most unusual project you’ve been involved in over the years?
We sell lots of mainstream systems – TVs, soundbars and some great Hi-Fi – but recently a customer specified a large system that had to be installed on a boat! 
What’s the next big thing in home entertainment?
The 8K TV. ‘Mad,’ you say – ‘I just got a 4K TV!’ But it’s not as mad as it sounds. There is a growing desire for larger screens over 65” and those larger screens require more lines of information, otherwise you end up stretching the current picture and it just becomes grainy.

What is it about the North East that you love? 
Friendly people. I live just outside Carlisle and travel through most days.
Do you have a favourite place in the North East? 
The coast along Holy Island and Bamburgh Castle

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