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Meet the Foodie: Boxed Charcuterie
Eat and Drink
November 2021
Reading time 6 Minutes

Cheese fanatic Meg Wicks and her business partner Adam Winterburn decided to challenge their creativity to offer a tasting experience that would bring people together

We caught up with the duo to find out how the charcuterie business came about, and what we can expect from them when they join us at Living North’s Christmas Fair.
Boxed Charcuterie

Tell us about your background. 

Meg grew up in France and has a love for great cheese and meat, so  we  thought  it  would  be  fun  to  bring  our  appreciation  for  cheese  and  charcuterie  to  our  hometown,  Newton  Aycliffe,  and  the  surrounding  area.  Although  our  day  jobs  in  finance  and  engineering couldn’t differ more from the food and drink industry, we  wanted  to  focus  on  something  that  would  test  our  creativity  and offer something that could bring people together after many months  of  isolation  and  lockdowns.  Charcuterie  is  the  perfect  excuse to bring people closer together – it’s designed to be shared between friends and family. 

Talk us through Boxed Charcuterie and what exactly it is that you do. 

We  source  great  quality  cheeses  and  meats  from  various  small businesses across the UK and pair them together to bring a great mix of flavours all in once place. We offer a variety  of  hampers  which  are  perfect  to  have  on  the  go,  or for a cosy night in. We have just set up a local delivery takeout service where we offer sharing platters available to pre-order via social media, and we’re also hoping to cater for events and weddings, offering giant grazing tables and wedding favours.

How did the business come about?

Meg  had  a  commission  for  a  local  holiday  let  designing  maps  and  custom merchandising. The holiday let was planning on creating a car hire service for their guests to explore the area and wanted someone to provide the picnics for the experience. Immediately we knew this was something we would love to get involved with, so we researched long and hard for the best products that could fit into what we wanted our brand to be. It was a bit of a whirlwind, but we’ve enjoyed every step of the journey so far!

‘The environment is an ever-growing focus for our business and from the outset we knew we wanted to ensure our stock was presented and sourced in the greenest way possible’
Boxed Charcuterie

What inspires your boxes?

The environment is an ever-growing focus for our business and from the  outset  we  knew  we  wanted  to  ensure  our  stock  was  presented  and  sourced  in  the  greenest  way  possible.  We  upcycle  our  hamper  boxes  and  offer  a  discount  for  those  who  return  them  to  us  in  good  condition so that we can reuse them. All the packaging we use – such as our cardboard sharing platter boxes and our cones – are recyclable, and our plastic tubs for our chutneys are compostable too. We’re keen to think green. 

We  really  wanted  to  do  something  a  bit  different  to  your  usual  supermarket  graze  box,  so  we  searched  high  and  low  for  quality,  artisan  products.  We  were  in  London  visiting  some  friends  and  by  chance ended up in Borough Market where we came across some great small businesses. For instance, our cheese is sourced from a Spanish couple, Max and Pam, from Drunk Cheese – all their cheese is infused with  alcohol  in  some  way,  which  makes  our  products  feel  more  fun  and unique. 

What’s your plan for the business going forward? 

We  have  been  in  touch  with  local  wedding  planners  as  we  would  love  to  cater  for  weddings.  We’ve  got  some  huge grazing boards that would be perfect for events and big celebrations which we can easily tailor to customers’ requirements.  We  also  want  to  be  able  to  cater  for  all  dietary  requirements  in  the  future  and  have  some  vegan  suppliers lined up – once we get more of a demographic, we  will  easily  be  able  to  roll  our  vegan  alternatives  out.  We’re  currently  able  to  do  deliveries  ourselves  in  and  around the North East, but we are also getting a contract drawn up with a courier service so that our produce can be sent UK-wide, so keep an eye out for that.  

What  can  we  expect  from  you  at  Living  North’s  Christmas Fair?  

We  will  be  bringing  our  hampers  which  can  be  bought  on  the  day,  or  you  can  pre-order  some  to  receive  in  the  lead-up  to  Christmas.  Those  who  pre-order  will  get  a  discount as a little Christmas treat! We’ll also be offering some  takeaway  boxes  which  will  be  ideal  to  take  home  and enjoy after a mooch around the Fair.

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