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Meet the Mother and Daughter Behind the Award-Winning, Jones & Jones Flowers

Jones & Jones Flowers
November 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

Lynn and Jen run the floral design studio based in Newcastle

We caught up with Jen to find out more about what makes Jones & Jones stand out when it comes to wedding flowers, and what it is she thinks brides should consider first when choosing flowers for their big day.

Just tell a little about yourself and your world of flowers.
I am lucky enough to have freelanced for some amazing floral designers and came second in the British Floristry Association National Floristry Competition. I’m also a floristry tutor so get to share my knowledge with budding new florists, guiding them through their professional qualifications. Mum and I set up Jones & Jones Flowers a few years ago and we just love that we get to work together and with so many brides, helping to turn their dreams into reality.

What’s the first piece of advice you would give to brides when choosing their flowers?
The first thing that should really be considered is the venue and what is possible. What can we work with to help make a statement? Are there any cool architectural features we can show off, or do they have any amazing fireplaces or staircases to be decorated? If it’s a marquee reception, are there hanging pieces we could add? The logistics will inevitably lead some of the creative decisions, and after considering the style and location of the venue, it will give us a clearer idea of the type of flowers that will fit best.
Brides should also consider the time of year that they are getting married. With each season comes a different joy to embrace. Try to think about using seasonal flowers, as they are the ones that will be at their best. Spring flowers are usually highly scented, gardens are starting to come alive and we can use the first of the colourful twisty stems. Summer brings an abundance of choice, with loads of availability so you can let your creativity go wild. Autumnal flowers are some of our favourites: showy dahlias, cosmos, fresh hops and ornamental gourds and pumpkins. In winter, consider romantic candlelight and maximum texture from an abundance of foliage, berries or dried elements.

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Flowers are often a big part of a bride’s budget. What is your best advice to brides on where to spend and where to save?
We always encourage couples to go with a bigger statement piece rather than lots of little items. It makes so much more impact and will create a great photo opportunity. For example, for the price of all your pew ends, you could have an amazing mantel display or flower cloud! We also hate seeing flower waste, so consider how you can reuse pieces through the day – could the registry display go onto the top table for the wedding breakfast, or the piece at the end of the aisle go behind the top table?

What is the key thing to try to avoid with wedding flowers?
I know it’s difficult if you have an image in mind, but try and discuss style, colour and texture with your florist and let them do the rest! The more specific you are about certain flowers, the more it can restrict creativity and affect the overall look. It pays to trust your florist who after all works with flowers day in and day out, and will pick the best of what’s available at the time for you.

In line with that, try and choose a florist that fits your style. Look through their website and social media. Do their designs match your taste? Have they worked at your venue before? If you love some of their designs, you are halfway there! Try and avoid choosing a florist purely on cost. There could be a number of reasons that your quotes vary, including flower quality, the varieties chosen, the time they are prepared to spend creating the perfect bouquet or display, or simply the number of years of training and experience they have accumulated.

What are the latest trends in wedding flowers you’ve seen?
An abundance of flowers! More and more brides are asking for flower-heavy designs in organic shapes, with lots of delicate stems popping out at different heights. Couples are trying to avoid anything looking too ‘perfect’, instead opting for effortless garden-style arrangements.

We are also finding that lots more couples are interested in the sustainability of their flowers, including where they come from, the avoidance of single use plastic and how they will be recycled. We make a point of never using any toxic floral foam in our designs, use as many local growers as we can, and we are always trying our best to be as environmentally sensitive as possible.

What mistakes do you see brides making?
It’s easier said than done, but try not to listen too much to other people’s opinions on what you should and shouldn’t have at your wedding. It’s absolutely up to you what you have – anything goes! I would also encourage brides to think about what flowers make their heart sing rather than what’s on-trend. You want to look back and think yes, I really did love those flowers, rather than that’s just what was all over Pinterest at the time!

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What have been your highlights of 2023 so far, and what can we expect in the future from Jones & Jones Flowers?
One of our biggest highlights of the year was not actually wedding related but was winning a Silver-Gilt medal at Chelsea Flower Show for our floral lamp post installation. It was our first time exhibiting, and we had an amazing week, made even more special by the fact that we could do it together.

We have had a really busy year so far, working at a number of gorgeous venues across the North East, with some amazing creative briefs. Some of our favourites have been Newcastle Cathedral, Middleton Lodge, Healey Barn, Wylam Brewery and Halton Grove. We have also had the pleasure of creating the flowers for a number of friends of the family, which brings even more joy… and pressure!

I am also imminently expecting my first baby, so a completely different adventure raising the next Jones & Jones flower team member awaits!

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