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This Month's sustainable Switches
February 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Going green... with a touch of pink

Easy sustainable switches to make your lifestyle a little greener.
Sustainable products

Swap single-use cups for a reusable, stylish and compact travel mug like this Chilly’s one which is great for keeping your coffee hot, and your smoothies chilled. Series 2 Double Wall insulated travel cup, £30 Chilly’s, stockists regionwide

Cruelty-, paraben-, palm oil- and plastic-free make-up remover, which even works on waterproof mascara. Natural chamomile make-up remover, £12 Cosy Cottage Soap, Malton

Add a level of luxe to your weekly shop and ditch the plastic bags whilst you’re at it. Niki metallic pink net shopper bag, £8 Oliver Bonas, branches regionwide 

Feel fresh with this handmade, cruelty-free deodorant made using organic, fair-trade and ethically sourced ingredients. Rose & Grapefruit deodorant balm, £9 Kiibok at Eco Morpeth, Morpeth or at stockists regionwide

Not only do these socks feel super soft and comfy, they’re made from a unique moso bamboo blend which is hardwearing too. Rich Pink bamboo socks, £7.95 

Handpoured in Skipton, The Yorkshire Ram’s candles are clean burning, non-toxic, and their packaging is plastic free. Lemongrass and Ginger candle, from £6.50

Sustainable products

This vegan and 100 percent biodegradable loofah is a great alternative to plastic exfoliator pads or bath sponges. Bath-Time loofah, £3.50, LoofCo at The Only Weigh Out, Middlesbrough or at stockists regionwide

8  This eco-friendly hair styling clay is made in the UK using a blend of shea butter, kaolin clay, apricot kernel oil, corn starch and essential oil. Hair clay, £8.99 Rugged Nature

Forget soggy paper straws because this handy reusable silicone straw can easily be folded into its aluminium tin and taken wherever you go! Violet Single Straw and Tin, £5,

10 Create the perfect aroma with this clean burning and eco-friendly candle made with 100 percent soy wax and packaged with recyclable, biodegradable and compostable packaging. Rose & Oud candle, £6 The Pure Candle Company, Northumberland

11 Having perfect nails doesn’t have to cost the earth. The Plant Power Nails Inc. collection is the kindest and purest formulation yet, with a totally compostable cap. Mani Meditation Plant Power vegan nail polish, £9 Nails Inc., stockists regionwide 

12 Even though they might end up in the bin, these zero-waste cornstarch biodegradable bags are an ideal swap. Dog poo bag roll, £1.25 Adios Plastic, stockists regionwide 

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