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Sandwich with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes
Eat and Drink
November 2016
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Up your lunch game this National Sandwich Day with these five great sandwich shops

Whether you like a BLT, tuna and mayo or fish finger sandwich - today is a day for all sandwiches to be celebrated. We’ve put our loaves together and come up with the best places to get your filling of sandwich superiority in Yorkshire.

1. Brod Sandwich Bar

Brod Sandwich Bar is a favourite among Leeds’ residents and is perfect for breakfast prior to work or a lunchtime snack. Offering fish, meats and vegetarian options you’ll be desperate to try them all. Their crayfish with freshly squeezed lime and coriander might just do the job.

31 Great George Street
Leeds LS1 3BB
0113 245 3900

2. Hunters of Helmsley

Hunters of Helmsley are renowned for their hot and cold sandwiches that are freshly made to order every day. According to them they sell over 50,000 of them a year. That’s nearly 1,000 a week!

13 Market Place
Helmsley YO62 5BL
01439 771 307

3. Kingston Deli

With plenty of sandwich originals, like the Beef Bite, Kingston Deli is one of the best places for your lunch-time needs. It includes pastrami peppered beef, covered in homemade coleslaw and napoli sauce with an added helping of jalapenos and is their signature dish. They’ll continue to come up with more crazy creations too so look out for them on their Facebook page.

45 Savile Street
Hull HU1 3EA
01482 216110

4. Shambles Kitchen

Despite the name, this one’s far from a shambles: they make their own marinades and fillings from fresh, raw ingredients, and their pulled pork sandwiches with apple BBQ sauce, Shambles mayo, honey mustard or hot sauce have attained near-mythical status. Their zingy chicken zorba, harissa chicken and tikka paneer (a nice veggie option) wraps are all worth exploring too.

28 The Shambles
York YO1 7LX
01904 674684

5. The Bread Bin

Whether you’d like to build your own sandwich or quickly pop in and grab something, The Bread Bin has a fantastic selection of fillings to feed your fancy. Their Three Little Pigs meat combo is a little piece of pork paradise.

108 Charlotte Road
Sheffield S1 4TL
0114 272 1000

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