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Our Pick of the Best Gifts For Fitness Fanatics
December 2021
Reading time 5 Minutes

Whether they’re a cycling enthusiast, a marathon runner, a loyal gym go-er or a seasoned skier

We’ve found the best fit kit for Christmas.
Fitness Gifts

Reflective cycle helmet, £45 Align II at  

2 Compression leggings, £65 Girlfriend Collective at  

3 SK2 ski socks, £30 Falke, stockists regionwide  

4 Dust on Crust ski jacket, £180 Columbia, stockists regionwide

5 Aquapulse Pro mirror racing goggles, £24 Speedo, stockists regionwide   

Pro wireless headphones, £199.99 Powerbeats, stockists regionwide  

6 Carnival snow boots, £115 Sorel, stockists regionwide

8 Cornice fleece, £50 The North Face, stockists regionwide 

Fitness Gifts

 9 Trainers, £80 New Balance at Urban Outfitters, branches regionwide  

10 6lb dumbbells, £34.99 SPRI, stockists regionwide  

11 The Energy Vegan Booster, £24.95 Innermost at  

12 Soothe 4% CBD oil, £59.99

Fitness Gifts

13 Studio training top, £79 Holland Cooper at Jules B, Jesmond  

14 4th Gen Percussive Therapy Massager, £175 Theragun, stockists regionwide

15 Set Match ripstop jacket, £220    

16 Power 7/8 gym leggings, £75 Sweaty Betty, Leeds

Fitness Gifts

17 Beginners yoga mat, £19.95 M Life, stockists regionwide  

18 Cushioned hiking socks, £20.99 Smart Wool, John Lewis & Partners, branches regionwide 

19 Waterproof gym bag, £59 Rains at End Clothing 

21 Aluminium Apple Watch series 7, £399 Apple, stockists regionwide

Fitness Gifts

20 Vinyl kettlebell, £107 SPRI, stockists regionwide  

21 Shadow 500 running shoes, £95  

22 Gold Original bike lock, £99.99 Litelok, stockists regionwide  

23 Longsleeve thermal base layer, £60 Odlo at Snow & Rock, branches regionwide

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