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Patternum Gives Us the Inside Story on their Unique Custom-Made Creations

February 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

It's all in the detail

We speak to the experts at Patternum to find out all about their unique business.

Tell us what you do at Patternum.
We specialise in designing and creating custom-made tiles in glass, fabric, leather and faux leather to add an elegant, unique feature to interiors. The tiles are designed using regular and irregular geometric shapes and arranged in repetitive or artistic patterns. All our products are handmade to order, so they can be customised for each client’s needs. This flexibility in the production process differentiates us from traditional tile-making companies, and makes our products an excellent solution for projects that require alternatives to conventional design.

Where do you find inspiration?
The inspiration for the business is a combination of two aspects – a passion for authentic decor features in interior design, and extensive knowledge of materials acquired over many years in the creative industry. The tiles are designed based on observations and studies of both natural and urban surroundings, from the versatility of structures and textures discovered during walks in the countryside, to exploring structural details of contemporary architecture. The ideas are documented in a series of sketches and photos and later developed into patterns of tiles. Every tile is carefully designed and set in place to tell a particular story in the space it is created for. The patterns add a statement to the room, and they are designed to feel like they always belonged to the space.

What can clients expect when they work with you?
We provide our clients with personalised service during all stages of tile making – from design and material selection to installation and maintenance. Our products require us to pay close attention to detail from the beginning of the process to be able to make a success of the overall project. This is why we offer 3D digital visualisation, a sample service and design advice to achieve the best solution for each of our customers. Furthermore, we are an environmentally-conscious company and thus give priority to sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials in the manufacture of our tiles and their packaging.

What’s the best part of what you do?
The best part of our business is being able to help people who want to enhance the aesthetic charm of their interiors with contemporary design features. It is a great feeling to create timeless design tiles that can be loved and admired by our clients and their guests. Every project is different because even if an existing design is used, it still needs to be adapted to the particular setting by size, colour and material. It makes the process of creation even more exciting and satisfying.

What’s the hardest part?
There are challenges that many new businesses are facing, such as getting the word out or finding the balance of working life, and we are no different. However, it is a part of the journey of business life, and we address it by learning new and building upon the existing experience.

What are you working on at the moment?
The main focus of the business has been working on commission-based projects for specific interiors. It is an excellent approach as it gives the opportunity to work on and plan design details for each project and work closely with the client. In parallel, we are working on limited-edition collections of custom tiles which will be available to purchase in our online shop in the near future. This is a way we are hoping to expand the range of products for those who are craving to add authenticity to their interior designs.

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