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bottle of red wine being poured into glasses
Eat and Drink
April 2022
Reading time 3 Minutes

Perfectly Paired...

From cabernet sauvignon to pinot noir and syrah wines, enjoy a glass of your favourite red this Easter.
selection of wine bottles

                                        1. Banyuls Domaine de Valcros, £15.50 Fourteen Drops, Yarm
                                        2. Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Syrah, £18.99 Carruthers & Kent, Gosforth
                                        3. Cabernet SauvignonAconcagua Alto Errazuriz 2017, £17.34 Denn Hofer Wines, Northumberland
                                        4. Pinot Noir 2020, £19 Laneberg Wine, Gateshead
                                        5. Herdade Sao Miguel, £14.50, Jesmond Wine Company, Jesmond

selection of wine bottles

                                       6. Terres De La Baume Syrah, £21.99 Ake and Humphris, Harrogate
                                       7. Stellenbosch Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2019, £20.99 Martinez Wines, Ilkley
                                       8. Cline Mourvedre Ancient Vines, £18.49 Mitchells Wines, Sheffield
                                       9. Le Riche Cabernet Sauvignon, £18 Wharf Side Wines
                                       10. Newton Johnson Family Pinot Noir 2019, £30 Yorkshire Vintners, Ripon

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