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Review: We Check Out the New New York-Inspired Bar, Manahatta Newcastle

Manahatta Newcastle
November 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

Get a taste of the Big Apple right here in Newcastle

Ideally located on Collingwood Street, near LN HQ, we headed to Manahatta to check out the new bar and restaurant.

With popular venues already in Harrogate, Leeds and Sheffield, it was only right for Manahatta to make its mark on Newcastle – and walking through the grand doors of the old bank on Collingwood Street, we know the owners mean business.

Greeted at the door by a long bar stretching almost the entire length of the venue, alongside floral decor and disco balls hanging from the ceiling, the mood for the night is set. There are neon signs at every turn, as well as strobe lights and a DJ booth for later on in the evening. However, we’re here post-work and ready to try some cocktails and food.

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Taking a seat opposite the bar we turn our eyes to the extensive drinks menu. There’s a long list of cocktails to choose from, as well as sharing cocktails and cocktail trees. We go for a mixture of long and short drinks, including the Elderflower and Mint Cooler, the Manahatta Spritz and the Queen of Hearts – our favourite of the evening, made with a mix of bramble gin, Martini Rosso, raspberry, lemon and hibiscus foam.

Next we turn to the food menu which includes brunch, lunch, small plates and mains – plus bottomless brunch for those in the mood to celebrate. We decide to start with a number of small plates to share, including classic nachos and vegetable gyozas with ponzu dip. We also try the karaage chicken bao buns with a sweet and spicy glaze, miso mayo and slaw, as well as one of the festive specials – pigs in blankets with honey and mustard sauce.

To follow I order the sliced rump steak with fried onions, garlic mushrooms and onion rings served on top of a mix of house fries and sweet potato fries. The peppercorn sauce is a lovely dip and the portion sizes are generous. The rest of the LN team order the Manahatta chicken coated in a spicy batter served with fries and barbecue sauce, and two of the burgers – one Burrow’s burger with chicken, smoked pancetta and Monterey Jack cheese, and one ultimate Christmas burger. The latter is served with a pork patty, crispy pancetta, pulled turkey, crispy parsnip fries, sage and onion stuffing crumble, cranberry, sprout slaw and a gravy pot.

'The atmosphere never changes from the party vibes
and vibrant decor which makes Manahatta
a great location for any celebration'

After a breather from our mains (which is needed considering the generous portion sizes – visit here when you’re hungry!) we order a couple more of the cocktails, including the Easy Lover Prosecco-based cocktail, a classic espresso martini and a Watermelon Sugar cocktail, with vodka, melon, mango, lemon and soda. We also try the Pornstar Notini, a mocktail which has a strong pineapple and vanilla flavour.

As the night goes on more and more people come into the bar for drinks and food. The atmosphere never changes from the party vibes and vibrant decor which makes Manahatta a great location for any celebration. As well as the downstairs bar and restaurant area, there is a second floor to explore – don’t miss the swinging sofa which is the perfect spot for a selfie. Whether it’s bottomless brunch, cocktails after work or a bite to eat, make sure to check out Newcastle’s newest venue.

9–17 Collingwood Street, Newcastle NE1 1HE

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