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Seared scallops, black pudding purée, apple, radish and watercress salad

June 2017
Reading time 5 minutes
Go a little Gastro by partnering a creamy black pudding purée with these seafood favourites, cooked to perfection
  • 4 king scallops
  • 100g black pudding
  • 1 Granny Smith apple
  • 2 radishes
  • 1 packet of watercress
  • 30ml apple juice
  • 30ml double cream
  • Rapeseed oil to dress
  • Maldon sea salt and cracked black pepper

To make the black pudding purée, dice up the black pudding and warm gently under the grill for two to three minutes. Place into a food blender and blend, gradually adding the apple juice and double cream to achieve a purée consistency. Season and pass through a sieve, then keep warm.

Slice your radishes finely on a mandolin or with a sharp knife, and cut the apple into matchsticks.

To cook the scallops, place a frying pan on the heat and allow to warm. Pour some oil into the pan and gently put the scallops in and leave to colour for a minute or two, then turn over and add some butter to the pan to baste. 

Take the scallops out of the pan and arrange them, radish, apple and watercress on the black pudding purée and serve.

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