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Health and beauty
October 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Now that autumn is in full swing, there’s no better time to switch out your summer scents for headier, warmer fragrances to give you that cosy feeling and help you embrace the cooler season

Here are our favourites to help you navigate the switch.

Neroli Oranger EDP

This stunning fragrance with notes of absolute orange blossom, neroli and bergamot dries down to a delicate yet sophisticated and fresh floral finish.


Rozu EDP

Soft, spicy and earthy with floral notes of rose, this is a sophisticated scent to wear all-year-round.



Vanille Antique

Sweet and smoky vanilla combines with cashmere wood and musk for a sophisticated scent that is made to linger.



Synthetic Jungle EDP

Harking back to the heady scents of the ’70s, this unusual blend of basil, hyacinth, blackcurrant and patchouli will get you noticed.

Frederic Malle


Moonlit Camomile Cologne

Familiar and fresh, with comforting notes of camomile and white musk, and a top note of ethereal moonflower, this new scent is somewhat addictive.

Jo Malone London


Mediterranean Honeysuckle EDP

Full of citrusy notes mixed with fabulous florals including honeysuckle and lily of the valley, this stunning scent will transport you back to sunnier climes.



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