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Steps' Faye Tozer Stars in 42nd Street Musical at Newcastle Theatre Royal

Steps’ Faye Tozer Stars in 42nd Street Musical at Newcastle Theatre Royal 42ND STREET TOUR. Faye Tozer 'Maggie Jones' and Les Dennis 'Bert Barry'. Photo Johan Persson
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September 2023
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Faye Tozer is known for being one fifth of the much-loved band Steps and has forged an impressive career in musical theatre alongside the band's continuing success

She'll be appearing in 42nd Street at Newcastle Theatre Royal from Tuesday 10th-Saturday 14th October 2023. We caught up with Faye to hear all about those dancing feet, and what makes 42nd Street so special to her.
42ND STREET TOUR. The Company. Photo Johan Persson
42ND STREET. The Company. Photo Johan Persson

What was the transition into musical theatre like for you?
I was very lucky to get my first musical in 2004 which was Tell Me On A Sunday, but I wanted to get into musical theatre from a really young age. The transition for me was quite interesting, mostly because of how people initially perceived me, but it’s been so wonderful to be somebody who surprises audience members who might have a preconceived idea of me. I just absolutely absorb myself in the show and in my love of theatre and I’m so lucky to tread the boards in between the times that I’m with Steps.

Steps are well loved by fans for their choreographed routines, and 42nd Street shares a love of dance. What is it about dance that you particularly enjoy? 
My mum sent me and my sister to dance school when we were tiny to burn off all our energy but it’s so much more than that. It’s just joyful to watch people dance and do it so brilliantly as well. To be part of 42nd Street which is all to do with dance and tap is like my childhood self’s dream!

42ND STREET TOUR. Faye Tozer 'Maggie Jones' and Company. Photo Johan Persson

Your character of Maggie Jones is the writing partner of Bert Barry, played by entertainment icon, Les Dennis*. What’s it been like working with Les? 
Oh, wonderful Les! We have a little bit of history because he came and did a sketch for us for Steps Into Summer, a television programme we did. Over the years I’ve bumped into him but what a joy to be sharing the stage with him, and what an absolute pro he is!

You’re experienced at touring life, what are some of your must-have items for life on the road? 
I’ve been touring since I was 18! I always have a prepped bathroom bag with all my bottles ready to go – when I come home I fill the bottles back up and then they go back in the bag. I have a tiny speaker which is amazing and I’ve got a plug that has all my leads in it ready to go, so know I can charge my watch, my phone and my iPad which is loaded with all the programmes I’m watching just in case I get stuck on a journey!

What do you like to do during your downtime? 
I love to be at home, cuddle my son, my dogs, and my husband, and just enjoy really normal things. I live 10 minutes from the sea, so going to the beach and just getting fresh sea air is incredible. If I’m in London then I love to catch a show and I love good food and good company, so just catching up with friends is lovely.

42nd Street plays Newcastle Theatre Royal Tuesday 10th–Saturday 14th October 2023. Tickets can be purchased at or from the Theatre Royal Box Office on 0191 232 7010.

*Les Dennis will not be performing on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th October 2023.

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