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Health and beauty
November 2021
Reading time 2 Minutes

Christmas is coming and with it the full-on festive season.

Give yourself a little boost with the new generation of supplements which are promoting beauty from the inside out.

1. The stress of the season taking its toll on your hair? Get stronger, thicker, healthier hair (and nails) in just one month with these 100 percent natural gummy supplements. With a selected blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, the formula helps to maintain hair vitality and shine while improving your hair’s strength and thickness.
Hair Gain Gummies, £29.95 (60 capsules) Hair Gain

2. No swerving the mistletoe with this highly innovative, suckable supplement for effective, targeted mouth and teeth care. Specially formulated for oral wellbeing, each tablet contributes to the maintenance of your teeth and gums and feeds your resident good bacteria.
Mouth & Microbiome Supplement, £30 (30 tablets) Gallinée

3. With ingredients clinically proven to reduce everyday stress levels, these minimiracle capsules are formulated with organic adaptogenic and nootropic extracts that help to support functions depleted by continually high cortisol: immunity, muscle tension, libido, digestion and focus.
Destress 360, £45 (60 capsules) The Nue Co


4. Everyone knows the importance of beauty sleep. This is designed to increase levels of the body’s key sleep and mood regulators, with relaxing lemon balm and valerian to help improve the quality of sleep, and a concoction of B vitamins for relaxation.
Sleep Food, £60 (60 capsules) Dr Barbara Sturm

5. Nourish skin, hair and nails in time for the party season. With biotin to support your skin, zinc to maintain good hair health, and selenium to help strengthen nails, this is a one-stop, pre-party must have.
Perfectil Original Triple Active, £18.50 (90 tablets) Vitabiotics

6. Give your regular beauty routine a boost with these soft gel capsules containing seven active ingredients, including sea buckthorn, omega oils and vitamins A and E, to combat festive breakouts, winter dehydration and stressed skin.
Omega + Booster Supplement, £64 (90 capsules), Sarah Chapman


7. This super-charged MSM supplement supports collagen, keratin and glutathione production to actively boost your skin’s health and immune system, reducing acne, fine lines and wrinkles.
MSM Bio-Plus, £64 (120 capsules) Oskia

8. With extracts of pomegranate, kelp, aloe vera, dandelion, horsetail and turmeric to stimulate the metabolism, boost immunity and fight infection, as well as improving the appearance and health of skin, just add two teaspoons of this powder to water, or add to your favourite smoothie at breakfast.
Super Elixir Greens Caddy, £96 Welleco

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