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Sustainable Switches to See You Through Spring and into Summer

May 2022
Reading time 4 Minutes

Spring has finally sprung and picnic season is well under way

So make yours more sustainable with our top eco-friendly picnic picks.
eco products

1 Made from 100 percent cotton, these pretty napkins are perfect for picnics and can be washed, ready for your next trip out. Garden Vegetable napkin gift set, £45 Lottie Day, stockists regionwide

2 There’s no need for plastic bottles when this stylish and eco-friendly drinking cup can be refilled time and time again. Double walled tumbler, £14.99 Eco Morpeth, Morpeth

3 This sustainably-sourced bamboo cutlery set is 100 percent biodegradable and vegan, and is the perfect replacement for single-use plastic alternatives. Bamboo travel cutlery set, £7.99 The Only Weigh Out, Middlesborough

4 This organic mesh shopper is stretchy, spacious and can easily fit in all your goodies inside. Organic cotton mesh shopping bag, £7.95

picnic products

5 Made from recycled wool, this tartan picnic blanket is not only better for the environment, it’s waterproof and machine washable too. Recycled wool waterproof picnic blanket, £75

6 This eco-friendly food bag is perfect for any lunch-goers who want a reusable alternative to plastic packaging. Vegan leather lunch bag, £15 Something Good Co, Jesmond

This set of two metal straws and cleaner come in their own pouch so you never need a plastic straw again. WiseSip straws, £4 Buy The Kilo, Tynemouth

These plates are reusable and made of bamboo, and they’re stylish too. Bamboo picnic dinner plates, £18 BlissHome x Nadiya Hussain at John Lewis & Partners, Newcastle

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